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  1. BugLady

    Outdoor runs

    Hi! I'm moving to a new place soon, and will have a good sized yard. I've been thinking about building the bunnies a big run outside - not to stay outside, but to have a place to play and dig with supervision. Preferably something I can also sit inside of in order to interact with them. Do any...
  2. BugLady

    How to get attention

    I just wanted to share a technique Rascal has learned to get attention from Appledot! They are bonded, but more like roommates. They get along well, but any grooming is brief. Whenever Appledot starts drinking from the water bottle, Rascal will put his head directly under the nozzle. Appledot...
  3. BugLady

    Lost her dewlap

    When I adopted Appledot, she had an average sized dewlap. She was about 1.5 years old. Now that she's been with me for a few months - her dewlap has shrunk and just about disappeared. Is this... normal? Or is she not eating enough? She seems like a strong healthy weight, about 5 pounds (she's...
  4. BugLady

    Just some silly bunny time!

    I bought a new camera recently, and decided to try out the video function. Of course, what better subjects than my bunnies? Here is one of a synchronized spin: (Rascal knows four tricks, Appledot knows two, but most of they time they get too overexcited to listen)...
  5. BugLady

    Newly adopted rabbit - what breed is she?

    Hi everyone! A couple weeks ago I took Rascal (my chocolate dutch) on some bunny dates at a rabbit shelter. Ended up finding a beautiful girl who he seemed to get along with, and took her home. Her name is Appledot (she was named at the shelter). They haven't figured out how to groom each other...
  6. BugLady

    Need reassurance - bonding

    Hi! Warning, long story... My first bun is Rascal - I adopted him 6 months ago. He's nearly 1.5yrs, neutered, chocolate dutch. We've come a long way from the skittish bun he used to be, he's a confident handsome house rabbit now. But I know my schedule gets crazy sometimes, so I wanted to get...
  7. BugLady

    Breakfast time binkies

    Just for fun - Rascal loves meal times! Videos: Dinner Breakfast Hard to believe he was a shy terrified rescue bun only five months ago.
  8. BugLady

    Zupreem pellets - new variety

    I have been feeding Rascal Zupreem's Nature's Promise pellets... timothy as the main ingredient, no wheat, no soy, no pesticides. He has been doing wonderfully. But it appears that the company has discontinued it in favor of their new Timothy Naturals food - which does have wheat and soy, and...
  9. BugLady

    Where does your bun relax?

    I have tried making so many fun places for Rascal to play and lounge... but he prefers his own way. He rarely rests in his cage. He refuses to walk on wood or tile floor, but he loves to nap on the slate in front of the fireplace. Must feel nice and cool now that the weather is getting warmer...
  10. BugLady

    Smaller NIC panels?

    I would love to build something off the top of Rascal's current cage to give him another level or two (Marchioro Tommy 102)... but the typical 14" x 14" NIC panels won't really work based on the cage's dimensions. Are there any smaller panels out there that you know of? I've been doing a lot of...
  11. BugLady

    Dinner time!

    Rascal has been very excited about breakfast and dinner lately. For the past month or so he has developed a new ritual where he basically runs around and binkies like a crazy bunny as soon as I say "breakfast time!" or "dinner time!" I managed to get a video, he wasn't even as excited tonight...
  12. BugLady

    Humming while he hops?

    Sometimes when the room is quiet, I can hear Rascal making a humming sound when he hops. Like, with each hop he goes "hmm, hmm, hmm" It's very low and subtle. Not like a wheeze at all. He doesn't make the noise when sitting still. I don't know if it happens all the time or not. Thoughts...
  13. BugLady

    Broken toenail

    I was sitting on the floor with Rascal, feeding him some veggies. I sneezed, which spooked him causing him to run and do a few skittish jumps. When he came back over for more veggies I noticed one of his hind feet was red. I felt his foot and sure enough, one toenail was ripped open through the...
  14. BugLady

    Perfectly litter trained - EXCEPT when on the couch

    I have had my rescue bunny Rascal for a week now, so I know I have to be patient with his training. But I am hoping for some tips for how to break a pooping habit. He is litter trained, to the point where he saves all of his poop for the litter box. I am thrilled! Except for one problem... I...
  15. BugLady

    Meet Rascal!

    Hi everyone! I have had my little Rascal for a week now and these forums have helped tremendously with a lot of questions I have had so far. Here is my story. It actually started with another bunny, who I named Petunia. I had been wanting a rabbit for almost two years, and finally felt like...