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    Kaytee Wood Pellets Litter Safe? Is this litter safe for a bunny? Please help, thank you so much in advance.
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    What is this thing that came from my bunny?

    I’ve noticed these things lying around. They’re hard and sometimes pointy. What are they? 62657F15-BABF-49B2-BE47-FAFC2A402D76 by everleighbunbun posted Feb 26, 2020 at 12:54 PM
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    Moldy Hay

    How does hay get moldy? How long does it take to get moldy? How can you tell if hay is moldy and bad? Is it possible hay I buy from the store be moldy fresh out of the bag or is this unlikely as it should be fresh?
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    Fungal Dermatitis Treatment

    Hello. I’ve gone to the vet multiple times for my bunny’s fur loss around the mouth and odd scabbing/crusting. First we tried sulfadiazine but she had a bad reaction. Then, oral chloramphenicol for 21 days but no cure. Finally, we tried ANTIMAX ointment which is nystatin-neomycin...