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  1. blwinteler

    Need advice re: litter box issues, dirty bum, and how to bond with new buns

    I just posted about my new buns. I have some questions. Before I adopted them, I was told that they are resistant to litter box training. They are almost 3 (born 5-19-19). Both are fixed, but I don't know when. Both have used the box, but rarely. They both pee and poop all over their enclosure...
  2. blwinteler

    Meet Blitz and Frosty

    My Groucho crossed the rainbow bridge to be with Bugsy and Buggs, his best buddies. I had promised I would adopt a bonded pair from a local rescue. So, I went to the rescue page and the bunnies that I noticed most had the same coloring as all three of my others. Only issue was that one has a...
  3. blwinteler


    It is so hard to say goodbye. On Tuesday, Groucho peed in the kitchen. He never does that. It was very red. I called the vet. They had no appointments until Monday. Because I was very worried, they said to bring him in the next day. I said I would after work, as I wouldn't have the car sooner...
  4. blwinteler

    My heart hurts

    My Buggs crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday. I adopted him 3.5 years ago, after losing my favorite bun. Soon after, I learned the shelter failed to tell me about an infection in his jaw. I got him x-rays and it was bad. He was given six months to live. I took him to the vet to have the abscess...
  5. blwinteler

    Rabbit safe bedbug treatment?

    I just found out I have bedbugs. I've had them for months, apparently. How can I safely get rid of them? They are primarily in the couch, and my bus hang out around and under the couch. Is diatomaceous earth safe?
  6. blwinteler

    I made my bunny scream

    He had a severely matted spot and I was trying to get it off of him. I tugged at it gently because I was afraid I'd cut him if I used scissors (it's happened before). Apparently I wasn't gentle enough. He started screaming. It was the worst sound I've ever heard because I knew I made my bunny...
  7. blwinteler

    My rabbits are acting out of sorts. Please help!

    Hey, So, Buggs has been doing amazing. He and Groucho are getting along great and insisted on sharing a cage again. The abscess has been gone for a few months now. Anyway, I let them out of their cage for several hours every evening. During which, they run around, play, and enjoy a few...
  8. blwinteler

    Alice and the White Rabbit

    I model as a hobby. I recently did an Alice in Wonderland style shoot with one of my rabbits. Rachael McCoy Hamilton did the photography. I have half a dozen amazing photos from the shoot. I'm only sharing one, though, as I hope to submit the others for publication in the future. If you want to...
  9. blwinteler

    I want to share my new tattoo!

    I got this on the 13th. Thought you all might like it.
  10. blwinteler

    Moving halfway across the country. Travel tips?

    My bf and I are moving to Colorado. We are renting a uhaul truck to move our stuff. I have purchased two soft-sided carriers for my buns so that they can fit nicely in the uhaul with us. It is approximately a 12 hour drive. I'm concerned about them pooping and, especially, peeing during the...
  11. blwinteler

    Long overdue update on Buggs

    The abscess persists. It has been over a year now. He struggles with eating hay, though he still tries. He eats pellets fine and adores his raisins. We did a photo shoot recently. I'll share one of the pictures, though the rest I hope to submit to some magazine or other. For it, I got him a...
  12. blwinteler

    Another update on Buggs - need advice and/or reassurance

    The infection is not going away. We see the vet Tuesday to determine how he wants to culture it so I can get a cost estimate. We'll culture it next week, when I've got money. Meanwhile, my buns started fighting yesterday. Buggs seems to be starting it. When I first got him, they fought a...
  13. blwinteler

    Update on Buggs

    After several weeks of antibiotics, we got more X-rays. His jaw is healing, which is apparent in him being a voracious eater. However, infection persists and the abscess came back with a vengeance the last few days. So, the vet lanced the abscess. We are doing three months of antibiotics. That...
  14. blwinteler

    I sat on Buggs!

    I was easing onto the floor when he got under me. I heard a crack. I was sure I broke his back and painfully killed my new little love. I rushed him to the vet. His lower teeth broke. They did an x-ray. His jaw broke where the abscess I posted about before had weakened it. I feel horrible. This...
  15. blwinteler

    Vegas problem I know I'm not the only one in Vegas. Wish there was something we could do. I'm at max with 2 buns in my apartment.
  16. blwinteler

    Buggs has a lump under his chin

    When I adopted him about 12 days ago, I noticed what looked like a scratch and didn't think much of it. Who knows what could happen in a shelter, after all. I've gotten a much better look at it since then because he is super loveable and was all up in my face. It is a lump. It doesn't seem to...
  17. blwinteler

    They got along for 3 days. Now. ..

    They are fighting and both are freaking out. What could've happened? Weird thing is that they behave and get along for a while, then the fur starts to fly again. They can't seem to decide how to be with each other. What can I do for them?
  18. blwinteler

    Meet Buggs

    So, I had a rabbit shaped hole in my heart. So did Groucho. I looked at petfinder and found a bunny named Buggs. He even has similar coloring to our dear Bugsy. I took Groucho to meet him. We brought him home. They are giving each other some space, but generally are being nice. Buggs was in his...
  19. blwinteler

    Bugsy passed on Monday

    One minute, he was fine. Hopping around, chasing me around my apartment. Then, it was bed time. An hour and a half later, my boyfriend yells to me that something is wrong. My baby. My sweet loveable bugsy died. I don't know why. I still have Groucho. How can I ensure he doesn't die of a...
  20. blwinteler

    I'm a horrible bun momma. Please help!

    I haven't been on here in a LONG time. I think largely because I feel guilty. I've posted before about getting into deep depressions and not caring for my boys. Well, it got bad. Bugsy is just one big ball of matted fur and they both have poopy butts. I try to trim them sometimes, but it is bad...