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  1. tamsin

    Early Neutering / Petco

    I'm looking for information on early neutering and I'm hoping someone here might have some or know where to look. A big pet chain in the UK is planning to start selling young rabbits neutered at 5 weeks and we'd like to know more about the implications. I believe that Petco used to do the same...
  2. tamsin

    How much is a cup?

    Can anyone help unconfuse me... here in the UK, we usually measure pellets in grams. I can just about cope with oz's if I have a calculator but in the US you all seem to use cups... but how big is a cup??? A tea cup or a mug? Does it not depend on the shape of the pellets how much you can fit in...
  3. tamsin

    mark read

    I can't tell the difference between read and unread topics, not sure if I'm missing an icon somewhere or got a setting wrong ;) All topics look the same to me so it's difficult to work out if I've read it or not. Most forums I use bold text means unread, unbold means read, but I see all topic...
  4. tamsin

    Babies I'm Hand Rearing

    Thispicture was taken two days ago, they've just opened their eyes so Ithink they're about 10 days old today :D
  5. tamsin

    Presents for Rescue Centre Rabbits

    I run Rabbit Rehome and each Christmas we organise parcels of equipment for some of the many rescues that work with rabbits. We ask the rescue volunteers what things they need and then contact companies and raise funds so that they can have their Christmas wishes come true. If you would like to...