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  1. chibibun

    Poopy butt

    As you can tell by the title, one of rabbits is suffering from a poopy butt. I tried wiping it off with warm paper towels but its stuck right under his tail and hardened into his fur. He doesnt even sit still during nail clippings, which isnt painful so I cant imagine how I could take off this...
  2. chibibun

    Lost rabbit

    I need some advice. This may or may not be a serious matter but I I feel like ive looked everywhere for this rabbit. We have 2 rabbits that roam around freely outside and they stay in the shed at night. Usually my white rabbit goes into the shed and hides when it gets dark (this has happened...
  3. chibibun

    Rabbit Peeing on the floor

    So my rabbit was well potty trained before and she would always hop away to the litter box whenever she had to relieve herself however recently she is using the litter box less and is peeing behind the couch which are also mixed along with pellets so its quite hard to clean as the pellets stay...
  4. chibibun

    Rebonding father and son

    We have 3 sweet rabbits in total, mother, father an son. Mother and son are neutered, father is yet to be neutered. We've had to seperate the father and son as they have faught a couple times when put together (before the son was neutered), although they used to get along just fine. Today we...
  5. chibibun

    Johnson's Tea Tree cream safe?

    Ive used this tea tree cream, specifically for rabbits, guinia pigs and hamsters on the lable. My rabbit seems to be having itchy dry skin, at first I could feel out where the dandruff patches were on his body (quite minimal) and applied the cream to the areas. This seems to clear them up...