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  1. butsy

    im back!

    hey guys! dont know if you guys remember me, i had baby butsy but had to give her away. its been a year now and i think im ready for a new bun to bring home ! :)
  2. butsy

    RESOLVED: butsy needs a new home

    i never thought i would ever write in this section of the forum... but i need to find a new home for Butsy :(:(:(:(:( i recently had to move her in my room, because the landlord and my mom and stuff. and she just really isnt happy.. she HATES to be picked up and i have to pick her up every day...
  3. butsy

    why does she always feel the need to pee on my bed ?

    Ughhh. I'm soooo frustrated !! Butsy always pees on my bed. She is fixed and fully litter trained but put her on my bed and she pees !!! It sucks because she now lives in my room .. What can I do to prevent this ?
  4. butsy

    Butsy's Blog :)

    OK, so i am going to try to write in this blog often enough. i'm not on the computer very much but will try to update as often as i can :), i'm graduating highschool this year and going to college for criminologie in the fall. i currently have three pets (sorry about the picture quality, i use...
  5. butsy

    too cold out for butsy?

    its seven degrees celcius here, butsy is an indoor rabbit, is it too cold to bring her outside to play ?
  6. butsy

    buzzing sound?

    ok i really have two questions. 1- sometimes when i go up to butsys cage and lay down at her door she goes crazy, jumps everywheres and zooms around her cage! is that normal? is she unhappy to see me??? 2-a few minutes ago she was doing that, and i could be crazy but i swear i heard her...
  7. butsy

    orange juice?

    i caught butsy drinking minute maid orange juice from my glass a few seconds ago, she loves it!! is it ok to give her a small amount on occasion?
  8. butsy

    irresponsable pet owners

    i was looking on the spca website where i live and got very upset when i clicked on the cutest bunny picture. he is a one year old minilop. i was reading about him and his owners surrendered him because he could not ''live WITH the family ferret'' !!!!! . i wish people would do their homework...
  9. butsy

    home-made beds, hammocks, etc.

    i've been looking around for furniture to go in butsy's cage but everything is ''ferret sized'' . i have a fat heavy bun that would never fit on those .. does anyone here make their own beds and stuff for their rabbits? please posts pics :) i would love to get some ideas . oh and would a rabbit...
  10. butsy

    alfalfa sprouts?

    can rabbits eat alfalfa sprouds daily?
  11. butsy

    albino bunny

    hello !! i have a one year old albino minilop named butsy ... she is an indoor rabbit, but during summer i put her in a X-pen outside in the grass.. the other day a lady told me that albino bunnies should never be in the sun because it burns their eyes. is this true?? should i completely stop...
  12. butsy

    fur flying everywheresss.

    ok so i know rabbits shed like a few times a year right? well i live in nb canada, and its been freeezing lately (-35), and i have noticed butsy (1yr old minilop) is shedding her undercoat like CRAZYY! She is an indoor rabbit but this still worries me .. why is she shedding all her warm coat...
  13. butsy

    unfit rabbit :(

    Ok so I have a problem !!! Butsy, one year old minilop if veryyy fat!!! she has a big cage, and during the day, she has the run of the whole house!! But she neeeever gets out of her cage.. I will admit to givving to many treats.. I will stop that, but how can I get hher to exercise? I've tried...
  14. butsy

    in desperate need of help !!!!

    so i just read a thread saying it is important to clean glands for the rabbits health and comfort. butsy is 1 year old, and i have never done it. she hates being handled so i considered bringing her to the vet to get it done but after the nail incident i dont feel comfortable doing that since...
  15. butsy

    may have an emergency

    ok so i ordered these treats online, they were supposed to be great for rabbit teeth. i got the treats, they were blue and green, the size of cereal. and they smelled like mint no joke !!!, i gave her few, she loved them. then my mom made me realise those cannot be good for her, so i out them...
  16. butsy

    i am FURIOUS.

    so i went to the petstore today to pick some stuff up for butsy and went to the rabbit area. i saw lots of cute bunnies, then my friend pointed one out to me. what i saw DISGUSTED me. a baby rabbit looking JUST like butsy, (white albino) with pee and poop stained ALL over him :( he was living in...
  17. butsy


    its been one year today that i've had butsy :) !!!!!
  18. butsy

    fat bunny :)

  19. butsy

    homeless bunn

    some of you might have read a thread i put about buying another cage. i put my current one on kijiji and a lady needed it asap because someone abandoned a bunny at her doorstep and she had no cage, i felt so bad :( i give it to her for free. now, with no money for a new cage, butsy lives in an...
  20. butsy

    bunny IQ test?

    ok so i was looking for toys at the petstore for butsy. she doesnt play with toys at all . i was explaining this to the lady that worked there and she handed me this : its a thingy where you put treats under the blue things, butsy has to find them. there are three levels, it is def. a hit...