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  1. Happy Hollands

    Help! Mysterious rabbit rash / scabbing?

    Missy, my 4-year-old Netherland Dwarf / Lionhead mix has a mysterious rash that suddenly appeared this morning on the nape of her neck (or whatever it is called... basically that area behind her head on her shoulders). She itches it every now and again but does not seem to be bothering her too...
  2. Happy Hollands

    How to discourage rabbit jumping??

    Hello, I have a 6-week-old Holland Lop who is showing signs of jumping already. She can easily scale a 14-in tall playpen I put them in while I clean their cage, whereas her siblings (and even her mom) don't even bother trying to get out. I have intentions on keeping her, but the custom built...
  3. Happy Hollands

    pros / cons to deworming rabbits

    What are the pros / cons of deworming rabbits, especially babies? I have only dewormed a few of my adult rabbits before in the past, but for some young rabbits I am going to keep (currently 4 weeks old) is it worth it to deworm them (and when should I start if so)? What are the benefits of this...
  4. Happy Hollands

    Timothy vs. Alfalfa hay for baby bunnies?

    Do you use timothy or alfalfa hay for baby bunnies under 3 months, and why? I personally use Timothy but I've considered switching to alfalfa for future litters ☺️ Would like to hear other people's opinions on which is better, particularly from breeders regarding holland lops!! thank you 💕
  5. Happy Hollands

    *URGENT HELP NEEDED* malocclusion questions 😢

    Hi all, bad news and a sad story. one of my very close breeding friends has a 7.5 week old Holland Lop who is showing signs of malocclusion (if you're reading this, hopefully you know what malocclusion is, but if not it is where the teeth are misaligned and require medical attention in order for...
  6. Happy Hollands

    💕 name ideas needed! 💕

    Hello!! Our newest litter of Holland Lop babies are 3 beautiful, healthy blue-eyed whites 😍 they are doing great, BUT I need name ideas!! So far, it looks like there is 2 girls and 1 boy 💕 Here are some ideas of names I like: Lumi, Aspen, Cloud, Sugar, Vanilla, Pearl, Crystal, Opal, Lux and...
  7. Happy Hollands

    How old is too old for first-time breeding?

    *posting on behalf of another member* Hello! One of my friends has a Lionhead doe (3 years old) and a Jersey Wooly male (4 years old) she would like to breed. Are these 2 rabbits too old for a first time breeding, considering they are dwarfs? I personally think they are TOO old (because they...
  8. Happy Hollands

    Best free (good quality) pedigree maker online?

    Hello! As some of you may know, I own a small rabbitry. In the past, I've always had the people I co-own my bunnies with generate the pedigrees for me. But for this litter, I am planning on doing it myself! Who knows of a good quality free pedigree generator online? This is the best I have found...
  9. Happy Hollands

    Will my small Holland Lop litter stay warm or is a heat lamp necessary?!?

    hello! last night, we were blessed with another litter! 3 healthy babies, but unfortunately there was also 2 stillborns :( mom and dad are both under 3 lbs so assuming the two stillborns were peanuts (legs were crossed, and they looked a bit different than the healthy babies). I have personally...
  10. Happy Hollands

    What is the best diet for my overweight Netherland dwarf?

    As many of you know, I mainly focus on raising rare colored Holland lops. However, I also have a Netherland dwarf doe who is near and dear to my heart. She was the first pet rabbit that is mine entirely (not a family pet, as we've had rabbits growing up our whole lives) and she will be 4 years...
  11. Happy Hollands

    Name Suggestions for Baby Bunnies 💕

    Hello all!! I thought this would be a fun discussion - I'm trying to decide on a theme to name my baby Holland Lops. There are seven of them, and I have a few ideas but would really appreciate your guys' input! I was thinking to do a celestial theme (neptune, galaxy, comet) or a food/candy...
  12. Happy Hollands

    Why has my Holland Lop mama suddenly switched her bathroom corner?!

    Hello all, As some of you may be aware, I own a Holland Lop female who just gave birth to eight beautiful, healthy babies a few days ago! This is her second litter with me, and her fourth overall. About 2 weeks into her pregnancy, she started nesting early to the extent of dragging a towel into...