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    Fertilized Grass

    I rescue rabbits, so not many of my buns are with me long-term, so I keep them in wire hutches. I know this may not be the most comfortable house for a rabbit but like I said they don't stay with me long. My pet bunnies stay in the house. However I feel really bad leaving them out in those...
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    Meet Grumbles!

    So today I was on craigslist and saw an ad for some "Jersey Wooly Bunnies". One little doe caught my eye, she looks chocolate in color. I've attached some pictures if anyone wants to tell me the color.. but anyways! She is such a doll. One of my siblings has been calling her Grumbles so that's...
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    "curly" bunny fur

    I had an unexpected litter and I have no idea who the dad is, but the mother is a flemish giant. One of the baby's fur looks a bit curly. Can anyone tell me what it is?
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    Getting Crowded

    When I first started rescuing rabbits, I started off by just answering free ads on craigslist so they wouldn't end up as snake food, or dinner when they're pets. Then after a few months of that and getting pregnant bunnies and all kinds of surprises, I decided to leave my number at the local...
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    Rabbits Losing Weight?

    I have eighteen rabbits in total, twelve adults and six 2-week old babies. Not all, but some adults are losing weight. I was looking at pictures from when I first got them and to now and they look a little slimmer. None act sick, and they're all active and completely healthy to my eye. I make...
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    Calico Rex Babies

    Just an update on my Calico Rex babies! They're five days old today, and big and healthy. There's six, maybe more, I haven't thoroughly went through the nest. The momma was a rescue from a rex breeder that needed the money, so I thought why not! I love watching babies grow. It looks like there's...
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    Dwarf or mini rex?

    I rescued this little girl from snake food a few weeks ago, and was told she was a mini rex. I saw an ad this morning of a netherland dwarf, and they looked just alike! Any help on telling me what breed she is would be greatly appreciated...