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  1. smokepearl

    Is a broken tooth a permanent dq?

    My rabbit recently broke one of his top teeth off, I have no idea how but it’s growing back and he’s eating/pooping fine. But, once it grows back completely will he still be dq’ed from shows? Will you always be able to tell he had a broken tooth at one point?
  2. smokepearl

    Bringing my first rabbit home tomorrow

    any tips, y’all? What should I do?
  3. smokepearl

    Smoke pearl English lops

    Anyone have one? Would like to see pics. I’ve tried looking them up but they seem pretty uncommon.
  4. smokepearl

    Two bucks being let out together with supervision

    Hi, Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I was wondering if two unaltered bucks (they’re show rabbits, so I can’t neuter them) could be let out in my yard/room/play area (which is my kinda large porch) together? I’d be watching them, and I’m not planning to house them together. In both spaces...