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  1. pimsybunny

    why does my bunnies pee look like this

    As i was just posting about how good my bunny is a peeing in the litter box she peed on her blanket and i couldn't help but notice the white in her wasn't a foam or anything just whitish liquid. What does this mean? She drinks water all the time, has unlimited timothy hay, and...
  2. pimsybunny

    Help with bunny diet and poop control

    hi all, my little bunny is three and half months old and i've been trying to figure out when i start limiting her pellet availability to her. My biggest concern with it is hoping that the amount of poops she poops will start to go down alittle. She is litter trained and wont pee anywhere but her...
  3. pimsybunny

    help! baby bunny bathroom habits!

    Hiiiii all :) My baby bunny is about two and a half months old, she adjusted really well to my boyfriend and I and loves her new home and environment. When I picked her up I she was on a pellet certain vegetable diet. Since then I've added spring mix to her diet some in the morning and...