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  1. Anaira

    Reuben's had liposuction.

    Katie kept telling me I should get him done, so I did! What you guys think? :big wink:
  2. Anaira

    Stray rabbit, Wellington, NZ

    Hullo there, My friend has picked up a stray lop, and has been unable to find his/hers owners. She is unable to keep him longer than a week, and I'm really not sure I'd be able to foster either. So I'm afraid he will have to go to the SPCA, unless anyone on here knows someone from around...
  3. Anaira

    Heeey! Vote please?

    You only can if you have facebook, and I'm not sure if you can on phones, either. But, if you have facebook, please vote for my mate Graeme! He's the yo-yo-er. You do have to like the page, but you can always unlike it afterwards; shouldn't affect the votes. I always vote whenever I see someone...
  4. Anaira

    Royal baby is on his/her way!

    Yup, Kate is in labour as we speak. I'm awfully excited, can't wait! :biggrin2: Anyone else a royal baby watcher?
  5. Anaira

    I'm sorry, what is this class about again?

    So I'm checking out ebay for cheap copies of next trimester's thermodynamics class. It's usually worth about $200 dollars, but usually I get it in e-book format, free, in a perfectly legal way. It's not the best for textbooks though, so I'm hoping I can get a copy for under $100. I found...
  6. Anaira

    Oma rapiti, oma rapiti...

    So, I have decided to start a blog. Just 'cos. It will either have hardly any updates, or I will treat it like twitter. Speaking of which, here* is Reuben's twitter. I made him a new one, due to people I know following him that I would rather not. I haven't gotten round to following all my old...
  7. Anaira

    Nermal's off for her spey!

    Yay! I am so relieved I got her there alright. It was waaaay better than I was anticipating, as things always are. For a starters, the clinic has actually moved; although it's only ten minutes drive away from where it originally was, it made getting there SO much easier. Before, I had to catch a...
  8. Anaira

    *insert inappropriate title*

    Nermal is tearing up the lino on my floor. Granted, it is hideous lino, but there's uglier concrete underneath! She's done a pretty good job in three corners, and I've tried blocking them off; but she just laughs. Especially in one corner, where I can only have something so high, and she can...
  9. Anaira

    Divorce pending.

    Nermal here. I am very miserable. :expressionless I want babies. I NEED babies. But Reuben won't listen. I keep trying to get him to change his mind, but he simply won't! He just lays around all day, and wants me to groom him. This is not good enough! This evening the human put us both on her...
  10. Anaira

    Nermal's first time free-ranging.

    Well, I've managed to reduce these to ten pictures....hope people enjoy! I know who'll like the last picture.... Oh, and I *could* have removed the red eyes. I decided not to, I actually like the look they give...
  11. Anaira

    I think Nermal and I had a break-through today!

    Although she'll come up to me, and stretch up my leg, check me out, etc, as soon as I talk to her, of take any notice of her, she'll run away. If I try pat her, she'll jerk away, and foot-flick off. Lately I've sometimes been able to get a quick pat in, but picking her up is a mission and a...
  12. Anaira

    Happy Christmas from us!

    I thought I'd post a copy of my cards I made this year. :) I didn't participate in the swap, because I'm broke, but thought I'd share it anyway! Also, here's a picture of Oliver showing the true Christmas spirit, by stealing Ira's chocolate. :rollseyes
  13. Anaira

    Mint - will they destroy it?

    It's summer here, and we've always had a fly problem in our area. I've heard that mint helps deter flies, so I bought a plant. My question is, do rabbits like mint, and if so; how much? I don't have a great deal of room, and atm it's on the floor. The poor thing is already in less than ideal...
  14. Anaira

    Reinrabbits - you wanted, you got!

    *check new image several posts down* I can't be bothered working on this any longer. :S I have no patience, lol.
  15. Anaira

    Presenting...The Muppet King!

    I saw this on facebook, and had to share here! I really want an angora.
  16. Anaira

    I attempted to do a Christmas card photoshoot...

    I get really fed up with sort out pictures, so bear with me. There may be a few... Smooches! over it goes! Look at her little legs! Nermal threw the lollies everywhere, until I suddenly realized she was doing more than playing with this one...Naughty girl! Why hai thar! Reuben's...
  17. Anaira

    Harlan Teklan

    Does anyone feed this to their rabbits? The NZ Rat Rescue shop imports this for rats, and in a few months time will start importing rabbit(2040) and guinea pig pellets as well. I'm happy to hear this, as I'm yet to find a decent pellet over here, and I know they do a good rat one, but how does...
  18. Anaira

    Uhm what gender would people say this rabbit is?

    Best photo I could get. I've had suspicions for awhile, but haven't been able to get a decent look. This is the best look I've had to date; sorry it's a little blurry.
  19. Anaira

    Little bun, and littler bun

    On fine days, Reuben and Nermal go into their little carry cage, and get taken down to the wire run. It's easier to put them inside it, rather than carrying them down one by one, plus Nermal hates being held, so it protects whoever is taking them down. I thought I'd take a couple of pictures, to...
  20. Anaira

    Should Nermal be free feeding?

    Nermal is three months old; should he still be getting unlimited pellets? I don't know when Netherland Dwarves stop growing; and if he should, how do I stop Reuben eating all the day's supply in ten minutes? :P I thought about maybe setting something up that Nermal can jump onto, but Reuben...