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    Overeating rabbit?

    My Flobby is a 3.5 month 1 pound dwarf rabbit (or maybe 1 kilo I forgot what weight system they use at the vet). However he EATS like way more than these food guides say rabbits should be eating. I give him 1/4 cup of pellets in the morning, and after like 2 hours they are gone and he has...
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    So I have a buck, Flobby, and a doe, Mimi, that are almost 13 weeks old. Somehow after two weeks of being separated by a cage divider Mimi found a way to scape from her side to Flobby's side, and my mom found them mating. My mom said she didnt check on them for 3 hours so they could have...
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    One of my two baby dwarfs, a doe and a buck (11 weeks now). Suddenly the buck started pooping outside of the litter box 3 days ago. He usually had some poops outside the box but not to the extent that im seeing now, its a huge difference. Around the same time his poop started smelling extra foul...
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    Separating Bunnies

    Hello everyone, I have two 10 week old Dwarf rabbits, a buck and a doe. I'm just wondering if anyone knows at about what age Dwarf rabbits may starts mating, should I separate them now?
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    Toronto Area Neuter Clinics or Vets

    Does anyone have any recommendations for places to neuter my rabbit in the GTA, preferably under 300 bucks bc thats what I will be paying if I go to my neighbourhood vet
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    Pooping while leaving litter box

    So one of my two bunnies, the doe, pretty much ALWAYS poops while leaving the litter box, the buck barely does. The doe, also poops outside sometimes in her cage and when i let her wonder (rarely though). They both always pee inside. They are 10 weeks old and the buck mostly gets the idea of...
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    Hey guys just wondering if anyone has advice for litter training my rabbits. I have two babies in a dog crate, they are 2 months old right now! I got them 3 days ago and I dont really see any improvement in their litter training, if anything they have even gone backwards in terms of pooping...