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    First Show

    Hi all, I am finally going to my first show this weekend. My biggest question is how long should I expect the show to last? The catalog says judging will begin at 8:30 am, but I probably won't be able to get there until 2 or 3 pm. Will there be enough time for me to still enjoy the show?
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    Oxbow Hay

    My pet store has thankfully started to carry Oxbow hay so I plan to start getting that after we finish up what I have left. I was wondering what kind you all get, or should I switch it up whenever I get some since they like to have a varity? Thanks for any responses!
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    Very Quick Question

    Jasmine is out right now. I gave her some paper to chew on. She just started doing to but I saw her actually ingest it. Is this okay?? Please let me know and I won't give it to her again if not.
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    Feed and Interaction

    I have been feeding Jasmine the pellets she was being given before I got her. They are made by Sun Seed. There is 18% protein and 20% fiber in it. She's only about four months old right now, but would this be too rich as she becomes an adult? I remember reading that this is good for babies but...
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    Idea for keeping cage warm

    I know there's another thread similar to this, but I have a specific question, and my cage is indoors. Its been getting pretty cold in the house and we don't want to use the heater too much, especially right now since it can still get pretty warm. I do have some small blankets in the cage but...
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    I have a cage with wire flooring, I have plywood down over most of it except where the hay and food is. I also have a shelf of plywood that the bunny can jump on. I plan to put some towels down until I'm comfortable she won't pee on it, but after that is it okay for her her to just be on the...
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    Storing Hay

    Hello everyone! I'm not sure if anyone remembers me, its been a while since I've posted anything. But anyway, I hope this is the right board for this. Yesterday I got some hay from a friend of mine who cuts and sells it. Well he sent me a lot more than I expected lol I put what I could into a...
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    What's in your medical supplies cabinet?

    Well, I finished putting together my new rabbit cage, have found a hay supplier, and am just about ready to get my first Holland. Hopefully I will take him/her (not yet sure if I should start out with a buck or doe) to shows and fall in love with this hobby and maybe start my rabbitry. So, I...
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    Cage Help

    Hey everyone. I was just wondering, for those of you who have wire bottomed cages, what do you use for the bunnies to get relief from the wire? I've seen some use cardboard but that seems like it might get messy, and it doesn't seem very supportive and strong. I thought about using...
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    Recommended Books?

    I feel like I am making an awful lot of posts :sigh:Well I am interested in reading some books so I can expand my learning even more (then maybe I won't be making so many posts :P). Well I found so many on Amazon about rabbit care and such so I thought I would try to get a list of ones you all...
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    Holland Lop colors

    Well, I'm considering going into Holland Lops and so I was looking at all their possible colors. And yes it makes me dizzy just thinking about all the possibilities. The way I understand it there are the different groups, well can these groups be bred together? I know it seems that only some...
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    Some Questions

    I am kind of unsure whether to post this here or in the General Rabbit Chat forum because this is mainly about some views on rabbit care but I have a definite show question. And I guess this is sorta asking about show rabbits since that's what I'm interested in. But I apologize in advance if...
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    Anyone Have Turtles?

    I usually feed my box tortoise some dark leafy greens, some kind of fruit, and a little pelletted food every few days. Well the past few weeks she has only been eating the fruit. Any ideas on how I can get her to eat greens? I've tried switching it up thinking maybe she prefers one over the...
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    Acquiring a Rabbit to Show

    Well I have ordered the ARBA Standard of Perfection and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. I never really understood how rabbits get "registered" to show and whatnot, so hopefully I can get some things cleared up. A while back at my local feed store I saw two Dutch babies, I don't know if...
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    Pet Stores

    I was just kind of wondering everyone's opinions on this. I was inthe pet store the other day with my boyfriend and they had three Dutch babies. And to be completely honest, I can't guarantee I wouldn't have gotten one had I been ready to bring a rabbit home. But something that someone else had...
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    Well, I've looked around on Petfinder and after seeing just how many homeless bunnies there are out there, I think adoption may be the way I want to go. So, are there any rescues around the area that has some bunnies you can visit that anyone would like to recommend? I'm located in Irmo, South...
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    I really hope this is the right forum... I'm still trying to get used to where to post things! Well, I'm not really sure what breed I want. I've narrowed it down to a few but I would like to see who has personal experience and hear from you about them! I mean really, who would know better about...
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    First Show

    Hi all. I am really hoping to go to my first show next month. Problem is, I have noidea to expect! I am used to showing dogs so I don't know if they are at all similar. I've seen some past threads and they mention taking carriers as you may bring home a bunny.At a dog show this would NEVER...
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    What kind of litter do you all use? When I had my Mini Rexes we used Fresh Step but on that Martha Stewart video the guy said to use a heavy type of litter, not powery. I don't think I ever really had any problems with it though. They liked to sleep on it more than anything :twitch: