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  1. Cher

    RIP Sweet Chase

    Soo sorry to hear this, may they all (the gang from previous years) be celebrating up there with my Jezebel and Jaden-I know so many buns from our days that must of welcomed your Chase xoxoxo :hug1
  2. Cher

    Canada Day / Some News

    WOW soo amazing!! soo happy for you, sorry I am so late with this...when life starts to fall into place it really feels as if you have been doing it furever! Congrats to both of you!
  3. Cher

    My Battle With Cancer Isn't Over

    YAYYYYYY :) so happy for you doing the hoppy bunneh dance as we speak xo that is so awesome, really good news L :) :) :)
  4. Cher

    My Battle With Cancer Isn't Over

    paws crossed for you xoxox
  5. Cher

    Tucker and Cali RIP

    I have emailed her ( I was a really old addy I had) but in case you see this Carolyn, xoxo all my love to you :pray: as I said in my note...may your beautiful Cali and Tucker join my Jaden and Jezebel over the rainbow bridge, they will be fast friends-knowing them xoxo I am soo sorry...
  6. Cher

    Hoppy New Year 2011

    Hey all!! Been awfully quiet around these parts, I wanted to do a small bun wave and wish you all and your furkids a 2011 year filled with health, wealth and happiness With much love Jezebel, Benny (Camus the cat) and Cher xoxo Namaste :pray:
  7. Cher

    My Battle With Cancer Isn't Over

    :big wink:Fantastic, good to hear, and once again bunneh paws crossed you !
  8. Cher

    My Battle With Cancer Isn't Over

    Hey MBB :) Tiss been awhile, so I thought I would poke my nose in to see how you have been doing? Let us know when you can :pray:Namaste cher, jez and benny
  9. Cher

    My Battle With Cancer Isn't Over

    well, it's check-up time :) any hobby (other than professional bunn'ing) that you have found? Teasing ya, but just letting you know we are sending out some good bunneh vibes from Calgary xo cher
  10. Cher

    My Rabbits and Ramblings

    Your updated gotchya days and yard photos have definitely brightened my day! Thank you as always, for such heart warming stories -you both your buns lives and yours xo cher
  11. Cher

    Fauna RIP

    Stan..I am so sorry to hear about Pebbles:pray: I have a beautiful picture of all of our children playing with Buck xoxo Take care and love your way Binkie Free Pebbles xo
  12. Cher

    Fauna RIP

    Carolyn, my heart goes out to you~because of you Fauna was probably one of the most well cared girls, who lived a gorgeous life because of her concerted effort to pick YOU xoxoxoxox so much love and our household thoughts to you cher
  13. Cher

    Mookie and Benji .. Benji is quite "lost"

    What fantastic photos, and watching the video was heartwarming! Our family lost Jaden in the beginning of December, so when we bonded Jezebel to another bunny I went through all the processes you guys are doing now! Keep on bonding!! We kept them in their own homes (side by side) for a solid...
  14. Cher

    It's finally May!

    AWESOME !!! way to go!! I hear you on the weather, I wonder how long this Alberta weather is going to perplex, annoy, and mystify me? I woke up to slushy snow this morning...haha, and the bunny hint of the month is about overheating (obviously not alberta buns!) Looking forward to two courses...
  15. Cher

    My Battle With Cancer Isn't Over

    I so have all my fingers, toes (and hubby fingers and toes) AND bun paws all crossed up for you Laura :) That would be awesome news in a year to be told not to show your face again! MADE IT WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO way to go, and bring on the salt, eggs and milk hey?? take...
  16. Cher

    It's April.....

    Ahh the snorfling....Jezebel does that when she gets all in her spring dewlap cleaning !! we are very excited here, looks like spring may actually come to Calgary!! woohoo and ... we are moving to a new place FINALLY with a balcony for the buns, I know Jezebel loves laying outside and as long...
  17. Cher

    March is marching by and....

    HOLY busy everyone! wow MBB, you are a busy girl~good luck at the practicum! mine is just coming to an end this week. Sad to say good-bye to my clients with whom I have worked with for so long, some for the whole 8 months. I LOVE your bunny collectibles~hehe, I have a similar set of bunnies...
  18. Cher

    Need Advice Help!

    I had adopted my buns in Taiwan, and then imported them to Canada. Then I took them back to Taiwan for another go! We are back in Canada, and although the process for importation to Canada and the US is different, you should be aware that: bunnies do not get shots (almost all world traveling...
  19. Cher

    March is marching by and....

    I was curious as to how everyone is doing, bun-wise and person-wise now that spring is poking it's head around the corner. I check in here now and then and wonder where the folks are, I remember Jim used to post each new month...but that has seemed to not happen in sooo long. So say hello and...
  20. Cher

    Advice on a house-mate for Jezebel?

    This was the official 'nose-off' Jezebel was trying her hardest to be the one who would get groomed first....Benny had a pocketful of patience though. His patience paid off, she gave in and gave his head a good groom :) He was in bunny bliss He almost got lost in her womanly dewlap LOL (and...