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  1. Floppy Puff-Puff

    A stress free way of ending playtime?

    Sounds like a plan. Thanks for the quick replies. If anyone else has any ideas, I'd love to hear them.
  2. Floppy Puff-Puff

    A stress free way of ending playtime?

    We actually give her salads while she's out...If she's out before the salad, she'll follow me around and/or sit in front of the fridge until she gets it. Should we move 'salad time' to when she goes back into her cage rather than while she's out?
  3. Floppy Puff-Puff

    A stress free way of ending playtime?

    We've been giving our rabbit Floppy Puff-Puff free run of the living room for a few hours a day for the past few months now, and when playtime is over, it's next to impossible to get her to go back 'home'. She'll hide under the couch, coffee table and chair, dodging and successfully avoiding...
  4. Floppy Puff-Puff

    Odd Bunny Behavior

    Floppy Puff Puff's favorite toy is one of my old beanies. She chewed a hole through it and loves nothing more than poking her head through the hole and running around with it on her back whilst doing 'super binkies'. She's also completely infatuated with my dog's tail. Grooming and chinning...
  5. Floppy Puff-Puff

    Weird Food

    I ate roasted tarantula in Belize, and quite frankly, I get a craving for it every now and then.
  6. Floppy Puff-Puff

    chimp nearly kills woman. *scary*

    What shocked me more than the attack itself was the owner of the deceased chimp spending more time prattling on about how good he was rather than expressing concern for her 'best friend's well being. I heard the 911 call on the Adam Carolla show, and it got a chuckle out of me. Not because I...
  7. Floppy Puff-Puff

    Bad Hare Days

    Kudos to you, John. It takes a special person to do what you're doing, and I commend you for not giving up. Keep fighting the good fight.
  8. Floppy Puff-Puff

    Whinny's new home...

    Very nice. It honestly looks better than most cages you see in stores.
  9. Floppy Puff-Puff

    Rabbits and other animals

    Absolutely adorable pictures, everyone.
  10. Floppy Puff-Puff

    Your Picture!-Part II (Now Closed)

    Even though I'm new, it's still great to put faces to the names. Keeping with the current theme, here's some pictures of us: This is me and my amazing girlfriend, Dorian. A picture of me sleeping with our bun Floppy Puff Puff when she was just a baby. The flash kinda...
  11. Floppy Puff-Puff

    NIC Cages Only-II

    Just wanted to stop in and thank everyone for posting pics of their NIC cages. We were planning on building an indoor hutch, but I think I like these a lot better. Looking good!
  12. Floppy Puff-Puff

    Sudden aversion to litter pans...?

    Oh boy. That explains a lot about her recent behavior[s]. As I type, she's grunting and digging at my sleeping dog for no apparent reason. Thanks for your help.
  13. Floppy Puff-Puff

    Hopefully it's nothing to worry about..

    Ha, thank you Pipp. I'll try to snag a picture later on.
  14. Floppy Puff-Puff

    Sudden aversion to litter pans...?

    Her feet don't seem to be troubling her, and the litter has not changed. I think she's around six months old. When does puberty generally strike? She's not spayed. I approached my vet, and he said he just wasn't comfortable doing it. We're moving to WA in a couple of months, so hopefully...
  15. Floppy Puff-Puff

    Hopefully it's nothing to worry about..

    Floppy Puff-Puff is losing her fur. Not all over, and not so much so that the skin is exposed...But her undercoat is visible. It started as a circular spot on her face, right above her nose, and now there's one under each eye. She doesn't favor the areas while grooming, and she's not scratching...
  16. Floppy Puff-Puff

    Sudden aversion to litter pans...?

    Our young Holland Lop has suddenly developed an apparent aversion to her Litter pans. When we first introduced a corner pan into her cage, she caught on almost instantly and we were very happy. Now that she's a little older and less inclined to just spend time cuddling with us on the couch...