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    First Show

    Hi all, I am finally going to my first show this weekend. My biggest question is how long should I expect the show to last? The catalog says judging will begin at 8:30 am, but I probably won't be able to get there until 2 or 3 pm. Will there be enough time for me to still enjoy the show?
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    Daenerys's Bunny Blog, Reptile House

    Well that's good to hear. I figured that would probably be how it is. I probably don't need the bigger selection anyway, too tempting :P
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    Daenerys's Bunny Blog, Reptile House

    I love your pets :) Reptiles fascinate me although I've only owned tortoises and I've watched a Leopard Gecko for someone. I'm not sure I will ever actually own a snake but I love learning about them and think they're amazing creatures. My boyfriend wants them though, in fact he and his dad have...
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    Oxbow Hay

    My pet store has thankfully started to carry Oxbow hay so I plan to start getting that after we finish up what I have left. I was wondering what kind you all get, or should I switch it up whenever I get some since they like to have a varity? Thanks for any responses!
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    How many RO bunnies do we have?

    My Jasmine brings it to 564 :)
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    Raw Pumpkin

    I am interested in this answer as well :)
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    Our new girl!

    In the third picture from the bottom she looks like she's thinking "get outz my face dawg" lol I love it. She's absolutely adorable. Can't wait for more pics!
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    Very Quick Question

    Okay, thank you!
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    Very Quick Question

    Jasmine is out right now. I gave her some paper to chew on. She just started doing to but I saw her actually ingest it. Is this okay?? Please let me know and I won't give it to her again if not.
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    Feed and Interaction

    Okay I will definitely look for it! I figured she was probably doing that, just munching on pellets all day instead of hay. She always finishes her pellets so I did start to give just a little less. She is actually in her play pen right now chowing on hay after running the bunny 500 lol...
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    Feed and Interaction

    Okay, I thought it was a little much. Is it obvious on the bag that they are timothy based? Because I can't recall seeing any when skimming the food section. You mentioned it comes in a large bag. Would I have a better chance getting it from the feed store? I was actually worried because I...
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    Idea for keeping cage warm

    No its definitely not :biggrin2: I guess I just saw her cuddled up when she's usually stretched out and worried about her. But now I'm certain she's fine. I just love her and care about her :)
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    Very bored rabbit needs activites that are cheep

    Bentley wrote: No one said she needs the whole house to run around in, just some space where she can get out, stretch her legs, and explore. You've already said that her cage is smaller than you'd prefer, so why would you just make her deal with it rather than giving her exercise time. And...
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    Feed and Interaction

    I have been feeding Jasmine the pellets she was being given before I got her. They are made by Sun Seed. There is 18% protein and 20% fiber in it. She's only about four months old right now, but would this be too rich as she becomes an adult? I remember reading that this is good for babies but...
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    Can Be Part of the Cool Rabbit Parents Now

    They have some cool stuff! I wish they shipped to the US :(
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    Idea for keeping cage warm

    I didn't even think about if she were to pee on it. I guess I didn't think about it because she's pretty well litter trained, but definitely don't want to take that chance. This is why I asked first :) And I'm glad I did!
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    Idea for keeping cage warm

    I know there's another thread similar to this, but I have a specific question, and my cage is indoors. Its been getting pretty cold in the house and we don't want to use the heater too much, especially right now since it can still get pretty warm. I do have some small blankets in the cage but...
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    Rabbit Hopping...

    I thought this was the coolest thing when I found out about it a few years ago. Just didn't have a bunny then lol But I have one now and would love to get her involved, especially since she is soo active and curious. I don't know if I should start her jumping yet since she is still kinda young...
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    Just doesnt feel right

    I, personally, decided a while back I would never have another hamster. Mine was great and lived a good little while. But all of my brother's died early, which can be tough. Plus they slept all day lol Then he got a gerbil, which I didn't really like. I think it might have been because it would...
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    Those sound perfect, Dawn! :thanks: