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  1. jiminpimin

    Reasonable Adoption Price ?

    I previously asked if $195 was too much to adopt a rabbit. I was going to adopt from Bunny World Foundation and got the info for the pricing. Please take a look at the picture and let me know if it's reasonable for $195 total.
  2. jiminpimin

    Adoption Price (HELP)

    I'm thinking of adopting another rabbit but from a different rescue this time. Is $195 too much for ONE bunny? How much did you guys pay for the adoption fee? For the Bunny World Foundation, it includes spaying fee, microchipping, and adoption fee.
  3. jiminpimin

    Adoption Price?

    I'm planning on adopting a third bunny but from a different rescue from my previous one. Is $195 too much for ONE bunny?
  4. jiminpimin

    NEED HELP! Taming my new bunnies

    So I recently fostered 2 sibling bunnies to see if I will adopt them and it's been 6 days. I'm an impatient person but I really need advice PLEASE! So basically this groomer fostered these bunnies before when they were babies and someone adopted them. Later they divorced and ended up with a...