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  1. paul2641

    So you've paid the fees and you're now Honorary!

    No NO NO Jokes, I'm only messing this area is specifically for those patriotic members who dove into there purses-maybe a wallet to help keep this bunnytastic forum going. All jokes aside. If you ever have a problem or something more private you want to share but aren't totally comfortable...
  2. paul2641

    Ouija Board(Wigi Board)?

    So recently in school there has been alot of talk about these Ouija boards and one particular girl in my school who tried this with some friends, Was really freaked out by it she had to get blessed by a priest, Now I used to never believe in this stuff but as my group of friends were talking...
  3. paul2641

    What does "sas" mea, Pipp?

    Question aimed at Pipp Or anyone who can really answer it, Why is it that you always but ""sas :bunnydance:" At the end of your posts and what is the meaning, I'm just really curious to its origin that is why I created the topic lol!
  4. paul2641

    5 months later!

    So yeah I have decided after other things making me relize I can't be so petty about such small matters as childish arguments with members who don't really matter that I should return, So yeah I'm back, And I won't be leaving as fast this time when someone tries to force me out!
  5. paul2641

    New Section?

    Did we just get a new section, Cages and Construction?
  6. paul2641

    2 feet!

    I was just watching a bunny on youtube walk on 2 feet really cool. Walking bunny! Another video I found poor bunny. Water panic!
  7. paul2641

    Leona Lewis saves a bunny!

    Leona Lewis spent $100 to save a rabbit that was going to be made into a rabbit casserole. Just though that people would like to know!
  8. paul2641

    Crazy animal friendships!

    Saw this on MSN and I was just like lol, Had to share it with ye'all! Animal Love! You may need to view an add before the actual video starts but It is well worth the wait!
  9. paul2641

    So, How are you?

    This is basically a daily diary for everyone to write what they have been up to for the day:P Hopefully ye have been doing stuff so I have something to do while I wait to get my cast off!
  10. paul2641

    My broken ankle.

    I was on a trapolene with my cousin who is kinda on the large side and we were jumping and she landed on my foot and broke my ankle up, I didn't think it was that bad because I didn't cry, i just thought it was a sprain but it was a break so after 4 days of doing nothing we finally went to the...
  11. paul2641


    While getting Shadow's repeat prescription we also brought up Sapphire to get her checked out because she was in such a state when we got her the vet said she had some sort of mites/fleas, the name of the mite began with "S" I think, But I know she didn't catch this off my other rabbits, As...
  12. paul2641

    Flushing the rabbits!

    Mam, where to start today I went out with friends And I asked her to cover all the rabbits cages up incase it rained and what does she do? Puts them out in the rain? Luckly They weren't out too long, I got them back in and dried up!
  13. paul2641

    Stupid Pride!

    Stupid Swyer once again went over pestering Sebastian so now for the second time, Swyer has a bitten nose first time it wasn't anything to worry about but this time it is alot bigger a bite, I just cleaned it up and we will just have to wait for it to scab over. He was in the run but jumped it...
  14. paul2641

    Locked up

    Ok sky has gone too far, Last night her and Sonic(her husband) broke out of there cage, So I went down and put them back in it! So I went back to sleep thinking it was a once off, But mam had to put them back in at 4 in the morning so then at 6.30am mam came running up saying the rabbits were...
  15. paul2641

    Hamster babies!

    OMG my new female hamster I bought gave birth to 6 babies, she is being a brilliant momma, There all nice and plump, No wonder the woman in petmania gave her to me for half price lol, I still love the little girl! Anyway I had full intentions of breeding her in the next few weeks anyway so I...
  16. paul2641

    The beech

    Well me and my sister went to lahinch it's a beach in ennis clare, It was really sunny today and I spent 2 hours in the water, while my sister sunbathed. On the way we got lost so it took us an 2 hours to get there but we had a laugh, and tomorrow we are going to the zoo in cork so I'm really...
  17. paul2641


    Shadow my gaint papillion as of late has been having a sneeze/cough kinda thing, Any advice on what I should do, I am thinking of bringing him to the vet.
  18. paul2641

    Question about sebastian humping suki?

    Just a quick question could the reason sebastian is always humping suki be that suki went to live in sebastians cage?
  19. paul2641

    Sky the escapist!

    Just thought I'd tell you all that rabbits really are the smartest animals ever, sky has learned how to open and CLOSE her own cage when she feels like it, She normally does it around meal time when she is getting impatient. I was shocked the first time she did it, I suppose some morning I can...
  20. paul2641

    Sebastain still hormonal and a red penis?

    Sebastian has been neutered for nearly 3 months now but he still tries to hump Suki witch he was trying alot tonight, So I took him out and flipped him over and noticed his penis was kinda red, What does this mean, My mother may possibly going to the vet so if anyone thinks I should get him...