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  1. Lukaku&Onana

    My rabbit is not moving or eating

    Please could anyone advice me? I am desperate and feel so helpless. My normally agile and normal eating almost one year old male rabbit Onana is just laying in his house since almost three hours, without touching his food. He has not done that before. His tummy feels soft and normal and he has...
  2. Lukaku&Onana


    My Onana loves chewing on twigs. The problem is - we haven't got any. I live in London, and I do trust basically nothing that doesn't grow in our own garden. We have plenty of herbs, salads and grass in great variety - but we have no willow tree, no hazelnut and only two very young and tiny...
  3. Lukaku&Onana

    First visit to the vet

    Tomorrow my two long-eared friends Lukaku and Onana who I feel honoured to share my house with since three months have to go to the vet with me. They were born in October and bought by a member of our family in January, who couldn't keep them, so we were lucky enough to take them in. Their...
  4. Lukaku&Onana

    What breed/mix could my Lukaku be?

    Personally, I think my Lukaku is a beautiful Yeti. But has anyone an idea what mix he could be in rabbit terms? Our little black one, Onana, is a Havanna rabbit, we were told, but nobody knows about the gentle giant. Would be so happy to know, just out of curiosity. I think, he is gorgeous and...