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  1. JBun

    A red lump on front paw

    I'm very sorry, but unfortunately that looks like a mass to me, though I could be wrong. You'll need to get it checked out by an experienced rabbit vet right away. (Contains medical related photos)
  2. JBun

    Help! NEED TO KNOW FOR SURE what this is.

    Ear mites aren't usually something that will affect people. If you can get Xeno 450(ivermectin, spot on)in Canada, that is a treatment for mites with rabbits. The other rabbit safe treatment for mites is Revolution/Stronghold (selamectin), but here in the US it's prescription, I'm not sure...
  3. JBun

    Advice for getting my grieving older boy bun a friend - teeth problems

    All I can think is that maybe to try just a day or half a day, without the pain meds and antibiotic, to see if he improves. From my experience, it's never been a good sign when a rabbit stops swallowing syringe feeds. Another option if the vet didn't already do this since he started doing...
  4. JBun

    Bonding unspayed male and spayed female?

    It's usually not recommended, and there are risks in trying it. But that's not to say in the right situation it couldn't work. The risks are that he acts excessively hormonal, keeps pestering her to mate, and she gets fed up and attacks him, possibly seriously injuring him. The only way I...
  5. JBun

    Nutri Cal & Benebac Questions

    A kit pooping blood is not normal and would be considered an emergency. Please take the kit to a knowledgeable rabbit vet. Nutri cal or bene bac, are not going to fix something causing intestinal bleeding. If you're keeping their nesting area at 100 f and they aren't able to scoot to a cool...
  6. JBun

    Peeing male desexed

    What John Wick said. If they are being kept apart in separate hutches,, except when you let them out together (and they get along well during that time together,) that would be the likely reason he is doing the peeing and spraying. He's getting overly excited to be reunited with her after...
  7. JBun

    Advice for getting my grieving older boy bun a friend - teeth problems

    I think I would be inclined to try bonding, if you can bring him for a bunny date, to see if this causes him to immediately perk up, and if they both show an immediate liking for one another . But I think I would only be inclined to try this if it seemed like a love at first sight match. I do...
  8. JBun

    Peeing male desexed

    How long has he been neutered?
  9. JBun

    Should I increase the dosage of metacam (meloxicam)

    Inexperienced vets. Not up on the latest info on rabbit care. Vets are usually taught very little about rabbits in school, so it takes them having a special interest to learn and understand the more specifics about rabbits.
  10. JBun

    Bunny garden

    Any of the usual rabbit safe plants, herbs, or veg. I grow parsley and ribwort plaintain for my rabbits, and have access to apple and willow branches and leaves. As with any recommendations given, it's always important to double check to make sure something is in fact safe for rabbits...
  11. JBun

    Reoccurring possible uti?

    For my bladder sludge prone bun, I had to pretty much remove pellets, feed only grass hay, select low calcium leafy greens, water(can also do low calcium bottled water), and a salt lick. I don't know that there are any pellets lower in calcium than the oxbow adult pellets. You could try...
  12. JBun

    Should I increase the dosage of metacam (meloxicam)

    The usual recommended dosage range is 0.3-0.6mg/kg, twice a day, with up to 1.5mg/kg once a day(can split into twice a day), for short term use(eg. 5 days or less). Toste being about 2kg, the highest short term dose would be about 1.5mg, twice a day, which would be 1ml of the 1.5mg/ml...
  13. JBun

    good treat for rabbit

    It would be better for you to start your own thread, so we don't go off topic from the OP.
  14. JBun

    Feeding help

    Just provide lots of free fed good horse quality(no mold, never been wet, no noxious weeds) soft grass hay for them to nibble on. Grass hay is a far better first solid food for baby rabbits, as it's less likely to cause digestive problems than pellets do, due to baby rabbits difficulty...
  15. JBun


    Poor baby :( I'm so glad she found her way to you. I can't tell exactly in the photo, but it looks like the wound may possibly be a puncture wound, possibly from an animal bite. If that seems like a possibility to you and the wound isn't more than a few days old, it probably would be worth...
  16. JBun

    Poopy Butt

    A butt bath is just done as it's needed. If there is just a bit of dried on stuck poop, I wouldn't worry about it. But if it's getting messy or you think it's risking flystrike occurring(especially with moist stuck on poop), then a butt bath may be needed. Though I would make sure to...
  17. JBun

    Post spay - bunny won’t come for hugs anymore ☹️ And digging excessively!!

    Sometimes soon after a rabbit gets fixed, it's like they can have a final surge of hormones that makes them act a bit crazy with energy. This will usually subside over the next several weeks. In the meantime, I would suggest offering things (like the dig box) to distract your bun...
  18. JBun

    What’s wrong with my bunny’s feet?

    He probably just likes it because it cushions his landing more than the carpet alone does.
  19. JBun

    good treat for rabbit

    I would suggest sticking with mostly healthy herbs and veggies for treats, with a small limited amount of fruit. A few sunflower seeds should be ok, but in very limited amounts. The best food for rabbits is being free fed a good quality grass hay or fresh grass that isn't contaminated with...
  20. JBun

    Why is my bunny not pooping in its litterbox anymore?

    Litter habits will likely improve after he is neutered and has a few weeks for hormones to fade. Litter habits can go out the door when those teenage hormones set in. But even then, territorial poop marking can occur for a variety of reasons like being in a new room, changes to a rabbits...