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    Hay got wrapped around my rabbits leg-

    There was more than one strand of hay wrapped super tight around my rabbits leg. It was not easy but I got it off and no fur is missing and there is no broken skin. He seemed hungry and exhausted afterwards— if think it was wrapped around like that overnight. I don't think it is broken- I can...
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    Will Australian Virus to kill rabbits reach America? (2016 post)

    Will Australian Virus to kill rabbits reach America? Hi, I'm an American living with rabbits in New Zealand and when I first got my rabbits learned everything I know from people on this site :) I thought I would share to you, this bad, bad, news I read to day. They are releasing a new...
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    Reaction to vaccination

    I took all my rabbits to get them vaccinated against RHD with Cyclap vaccine and the next day one of them, Julio, had a big red spot where he was vaccinated. It almost looked like a burn. Otherwise, he seems perky and playful, eating as normal. I emailed the photo of big red spot someone I...
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    Vote for Pancake, he needs dental work etc...

    Asking her for people to take a few seconds to just vote for Pancake in the cutest pet competition. He needs the prize money. He has dental problems and needs vet care, and also has a condition making him incontinent so needs puppy pee pads. I've been following this bunnies story for a while...
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    Correct dosage of metoclopramide?

    Article by Dana Krempels, Mary Cotter and Gil Stanzione— Says the dosage for metocloprimide is - metoclopramide (1.0-1.5 mg/kg q12h). But Medirabbit says— 0.5 mg/kg tid - qid, PO, SC...
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    I discussed having one of my rabbits PTS with my vet and she said she does it by giving an injection into the heart because the veins are too small in rabbits to do in any other way. I read somewhere that injection to the heart was out dated and it is not done that way anymore because its...
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    A funny bunny song- Shhhh... Bunnies are Sleeping

    Thought I would share this here, very cute song some light hearted swearing in it so may not be appropriate for small children. Shhhh... Bunnies are Sleeping! Its not their fault you think you live here.
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    Reading rabbit X-rays

    Does anyone see anything on these x-rays that stand out as not being normal. I am posting on behalf of another person. The vet said the X-rays are normal. Others believe they see something wrong with the intestines and teeth.
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    Tear duct removed

    I'm wondering, I know someone with a rabbit that had a problem where its tear duct was outside of its eye. Something like Cherry eye. The vet first tried to stitch it back in place which did not work at all. Now in a second surgery the tear duct has been removed completely. The owner now has to...
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    rabbits back teeth

    Could anyone tell me what protocol a vet should take to thoroughly examine a rabbits back molars. Do they have to give them anaesthetic to get a good look? Could they take an X-ray instead and is anaesthesia used for that? Also, my rabbit's front teeth look very straight, but a little bit...
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    Rabbit vaccinated with old vial of vaccine

    Well, I went to the vet today to get a RHD (rabbit haemorrhagic disease) vaccination. I know it is advised that vets use a freshly opened vial of vaccine and discard after use. But I didn't think to ask until after he vaccinated my rabbits if he was using a freshly opened vial of vaccine. Turns...
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    Woolblock, need an expert!

    I have been seeing poo bracelets (poo strung together by fur) in my rabbit, Digg's litter box during his most recent moult. And I believe my rabbit had a bad bout of wool block last night. He refused food, He kept arching and laying with his stomach puffed out looking horribly uncomfortable...
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    Scourban - is it ok for my rabbits

    Daisy, my male neutered fuzzy lop, became ill day before yesterday. I went out to feed him and he didn't come out of his box to eat so I knew something was up. He seemed weak and limp and couldn't walk very well. He would still eat but you had to bring the food to him because he was too weak to...
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    Dose for Baycox Toltrazuril for Coccidiosis?

    Does anyone knows the dosage for Baycox Toltrazuril for Coccidiosis? I've been google searching for the dosage and I'm getting conflicting information. On this page it says the dosage for Toltrazuril is 20mg/kg on the Meddirabbit page...
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    Spotted White rabbits, Megacolon.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows: In the case of true charlie rabbits: defined as rabbits that have two genes for spots— EnEn, which causes them to be almost completely white with only little spots of black around eyes and ears, but mostly white— What is the chance of Megacolin? Is there a 100%...
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    Swollen milk glands? 5 months old?

    This is kind of strange- I have a 5 month old doe and she's not pregnant. A few days ago I noticed the tips of her nipples where red and now, 3 days later she feels like her milk glands are really swollen (no milk is coming out). I thought maybe it was bacterial mastitis but that is associated...
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    7 weeks neutered - still humping?

    I put my buck on the floor for some exercise with my female. He has been neutered for 7 weeks, he was showing no interest in her so I though it would be ok to leave them alone and when I came back they where going at it like rabbits! So could she get pregnant?
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    Daisy's testicles after neuter

    Poor Daisy- this is how his testicles look the day after Neuter - its like fluid has filled the sacks where his testicles used to be. Does this look normal for one day after a neuter? He is eating ok but I can tell it hurts.
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    discharge from squeaky nose.

    I have a female Jersey Wooly named Penelope that I've had for about 5 months now. When I first go her she had a squeaky noise in her nose- sounds like when you rub to rubber balloons together. I contacted the breeder and she said that "flat faced" rabbits have sometimes flap in their nasal...
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    Jersey Wooly coat - bald spot behind ears

    When I first got a Jersey Wooly it was 8 weeks and had a bald spot behind its ears. I didn't see any fur mites but gave a dose of revolution just in case. It went away so I never knew if it was mites or not. Now I've got another new wooly 10 week old and its getting a bald spot behind its...