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    Caption Contest #68

    Tunnel of Love - you're doing it wrong.
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    Remodeling my Ferret Nation into a Rabbit Nation

    Just a thought - I have chinchillas as well as buns. Chin people go nuts over the FN cages! They are not suitable for buns, but for chins, they are perfect. They sell here in Ontario for anywhere between $125 and $200 second-hand. How about selling the cage on...
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    Sometimes people just tick me off...

    Just a thought - have you considered contacting Rabbit Rescue? Maybe OREO as well? I'm thinking (A) they might be able to put you directly in touch with a cruelty investigator they have worked with in the past, saving you all the red tape and runaround. And (B) they might be able to mobilize...
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    Caption Contest #53

    So... what are you in for?
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    Horrible abuse case in Michigan!

    Bunny honey, I'll send you more funds as become available... you know that! My own rescues suck up most of my money. But in your battles for justice for these terribly abused buns.... no limit to my support! Let us know what you need - letter writing, etc. doesn't cost a thing!! If I...
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    Discouraging Breeding

    Obviously, this is a "pet peeve" of mine. But if you go to the rescue forum on this site, or the pet abuse site, you will see that these backyard breeders are a major cause of the rabbit overpopulation problem. They think they can pick up a few bucks by doing this - not so! Even if you...
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    Discouraging Breeding

    Actually, it's those kinds of people I meant to address. Those who *think* they'll make a profit. If they could be shown that even with the basics (food, litter, etc.) and no vet care, they would not make money, then maybe they'd rethink it. I'm not suggesting that reputable breeders are...
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    Discouraging Breeding

    I agree with BlueGiants. You can point out to these people all the negatives, but they obviously are not concerned if they intend to breed. You can cite statistics about unwanted rabbits, life span, incidence of cancer and behavioral issues as well, but this would likely fall on deaf ears...
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    Help me pick my first rabbit

    Go for the rescue! You know you'll be saving a life, plus your adoption will give them funds and space to help more buns!
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    My new website for rescues... Like it?

    Are there more pictures of Bailey available on-line? I am craving some cuteness...
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    My new website for rescues... Like it?

    I think it's fabulous! The pictures of the buns up for adoption are gorgeous. The only thing I could think to add is maybe a section on basic care - housing, toys, grooming. Have to add that Bailey is the cutest baby I've ever seen!
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    I have both buns and chins, and yes, they are a ton of fun. They aren't as demanding (or disapproving) as rabbits, but are still a fair amount of work. Chinchillas are very rarely happy alone. They live in large groups in the wild, so you'd want at least two. Bonding them isn't as...
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    Caption Contest #46

    I told her to read up on hare care, not hair care!
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    possible bunny!

    Zellers carries NIC.
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    Rabbit tunnel...

    How about a length of PVC pipe, if your buns are small enough? I've seen 8" pipe at the home improvement store. You could just rinse off the wee...
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    what's wrong with my bunny?

    There is the Emergency Vet Clinic of Waterloo Region, located in Cambridge. Phone number is 519-650-1617. It is open weekends and evenings. I believe a consult there is $90. Good luck.
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    Caption Contest #41

    ... and please don't let her discover it was me who chewed through her computer cord.