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  1. PeanutsPlace

    My controversial bonding success story!

    Hello all! I thought I would share my personal experience with bonding. I have a male bunny named Peanut, a mix, born November 15 2020, and a bunny named Honey, a Dwarf Hotot, born June 2 2021. For some background information, When we began to bond Honey and Peanut she was just a mere 8 weeks...
  2. PeanutsPlace

    Year Old Orchard Hay?

    Hey everyone! I was looking for a farm to buy hay from, found one that sells orchard hay, but he just informed me that it was grown last year. It’s still fairly green, is this okay for rabbits?
  3. PeanutsPlace

    Never has my *bunny* ever

    I just came up with a new game! Never Has My Bunny Ever Heres the Rules/How you play! So first you answer the thread above you by saying they have or They have not Then you come up with a scenario that your rabbit does not do The goal is to make the person below you say They have! Ill Go...
  4. PeanutsPlace

    Bunny flops/superman during vacuuming?

    Hello everyone! I was just wondering about my bunny flopping while I was vacuuming (he was still hiding in a tunnel, but he flopped!?) I was wondering if this is normal or if I just have a quirky bunny.
  5. PeanutsPlace

    Suggestions for my bunnies birthday!

    Hi fellow bunny lovers, My bunny honey is having a birthday comming up! She is really in need of some new toys, treats, and things to spice up her habitat! I’ve looked at binky bunny and plan to make my own cake for her out of fresh fruit! If you guys have any ideas for a cute birthday...
  6. PeanutsPlace

    Rabbit Website?

    Hey y’all! I’m about to have a lot of free time and I really enjoy making websites, So I thought I would make a website for bunnies, (not for breeding but for pet care!) So I was wondering what do you guys think I should include? Thanks in advance yall! (my list so far) - open vs closed litter...
  7. PeanutsPlace

    Post Your Cute Bunny Bonding Moments Here

    I’ll go first
  8. PeanutsPlace

    Cute bonding moment

    They’ve been bonded for awhile but it’s always adorable to catch moments like these on camera.
  9. PeanutsPlace

    merging my room with my bunnies seamlessly?

    Hi bunny parents! I’d like to merge my bunnies with my room, not literally of course. But I’d like to “hide” my bunny stuff/hides to match with the rest of my room. Has anyone done anything similar? Anyone have any tips? They’d be much appreciated! Thank you!
  10. PeanutsPlace

    Open vs Closed litterbox

    Hello! I’m trying to decide if I should actually invest in a closed litter box and was wondering if people could let me know what there opinion is on this debate! If you have an opinion please post it down below, as it could also be a reference for others making the same decision. Thanks in...
  11. PeanutsPlace

    Are pet strollers/Pet car seats worth the money?

    Hello, fellow rabbit parents (or soon to be?), I was wondering if I should invest my money in a pet stroller (it can also be converted into a car seat), It is a lot of money but I've seen people use them and they are so cute! My one bunny is super sociable, and sorta like Lennon the bunny I...
  12. PeanutsPlace

    Room Re arrangement?

    hello fellow rabbit enthusiast! I need some help rearranging my room so I can have a large rabbit enclosurer! I’m looking for bigger or around 7 by 7. I’ll post a layout and everything that’s in my room in that photo has to stay in it. I’d prefer if it didn’t cover my window seats and it can’t...
  13. PeanutsPlace

    Does anyone have experience with chadwell animal hospital?

    Hello! I wanted to get my rabbit spayed here and wondered if anyone has had any experience with the vets here, thanks in advanc!
  14. PeanutsPlace

    Rate My Enclosure : Please be -Very- Critical

    As I Said be Very critical. Say anything you can think of for me to improve upon, also the cage door is never closed! I look foward to seeing your responses. This cage holds two bunnies, Peanut a male 1year old bunny and Honey a 8 month old bunny. Honey is a dwarf Hotot, Peanut is a Rex...