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    Ear culture came back MRSA

    That's good, is sounds like you are being very cautious. At least it sounds like you have a really good vet. Its a good thing you are getting her tear ducts cultured. This all must be costing you a fortune.
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    Bunny sneezing uncontrollably

    She may have something in her nose like a tiny piece of hay. I had a similar thing happen and took one of my rabbits to the vet and she didn't sneeze a single time, and because the vet couldn't see anything in her nose and there was no white discharge- the vet didn't perscribe an antibiotic. But...
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    My Doe died today

    Thanks for he update- you are doing such a great job!
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    Bloating,Gas or something else?

    I also think you should go to a vet right away before it gets worse. They can give her a gut stimulant and pain meds. Its very important to keep her hydrated to and syringe pedialyte/electrolytes if you think she isn't drinking. A rabbits gut can't pass anything if they get dehydrated...
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    Doe eye problem

    I've had rabbits with eye infections before and was able to clear it up with Terramycin antibiotic eye ointment which is over the counter-- but your rabbit's eye looks a bit worse than mine so I think you should go to the vet.
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    Ear culture came back MRSA

    Oh my gosh, there are so many different bacteria involved. She has been through a lot. No kisses is tragic. Fingers crossed the Chloramphenicol works.
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    My pet in distress

    What do you normally feed your rabbit? It would be good to make sure he has hay- and if you don't have hay find some grass for him. Also, if your rabbit is 6 years old I don't believe you should feed him milk. The protocol for vets in the US is give the electrolyte solution- pedialyte for...
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    Every way to get rid of sore hocks- please help!

    Someone on another forum had a elderly rex house rabbit that had sore hocks and she wrapped them in gauze and then put toddler socks on the rabbit. And the rabbits feet heeled. When they got better she just kept the toddler socks on the rabbit for ever to keep it from getting sore hocks again...
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    Ear culture came back MRSA

    Have your rabbits been on penicillin and other antibiotics for a very long time? Many people use an antibiotic and it stops working, then they switch to another antibiotic, and another and another, then penicillin on and off for years. I wonder if this could breed MRSA.
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    Bald patch on moulting rabbit

    If there is no flakiness and no redness— I wouldn't take her to the vets— I would just watch closely. But if you see any redness or flakiness later then do take her to the vets.
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    My bun doesn't act the same with licking the mouth a lot

    Selena rabbits really need fibre in their diet- from Hay and if you don't have Hay fresh grass. Hay/grass is supposed to be the bulk of their diet- the fibre is what keeps their digestive system— gut flora— healthy. If your feed a rabbit only pellets and greens its too rich- and they will get...
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    Help! My rabbit keeps peeing on himself

    If he is peeing on himself he must still have the UTI. Is your vet rabbit savvy? Maybe the vet didn't give you an antibiotic that works. I would search for best specialist rabbit vet you can find and see if he can cure the UTI.
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    New Mother Acting Strange

    A yellow ring around her bum- possible diarrhea- sounds like bacterial enteritis to me. You need to look at her poo and see if she has any yellow mucus or if they are soft. Bacterial enteritis has to be treated with a antibiotic so I would take the doe and her poo to the vet.
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    Is it time to give up?

    Same thing happened to one of my rabbits- he was only a baby and was sneezing white snot. Vet put him on Baytril, worked at first but then it came back, so then tried (I think it was) tetracycline. Then it came back on the tetracyclin- so I went to a different vet— who was recommended by the New...
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    Help! Rabbit has white eggs? on his feces

    Someone on another forum posted tape worm eggs and they looked like this.
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    My Doe died today

    It sounds like your are doing a great job and getting some milk into them- fingers crossed they all make it.
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    Age females stop conceiving....

    I'm speculating here, but I would think of it as a 60% chance she is pregnant. Is she a little overweight? Because the fatter she is —the more likely she will not be pregnant because fatter rabbits get fat growing around their ovaries and that makes them infertile. ... but regardless of whether...
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    My Doe died today

    Are you using a special formula for rabbits babies or goats milk? I've never had to feed babies before but if I did I would try using a cosmetic sponge as in this video-