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  1. AVIE

    Please pray for Lawrence

    All our best wishes, thoughts, blessings and prayers ~Avie, Ruby and Rosey
  2. AVIE

    Post pictures of your rabbits flop!

    now that one looks dead dead, she is out. Sweet thing must be exhausted from binkies.
  3. AVIE

    Post pictures of your rabbits flop!

    I thought she was dead!
  4. AVIE

    This or That? (game)

    cockatoos bohemian or minimalist?
  5. AVIE

    My Dimi has passed, and I am not coping well

    Your story is so well written that I feel like I can experience your pain with you. Thank you for the gift you have shared with us. Just remember that while they are here for such a small piece of our lives, we are here for them through their end. Few humans are loved unconditionally every...
  6. AVIE

    Rug/Mat Suggestions?

    6 months, I started with rubber mats and went through the whole search. Someone on this site recommended these and they've been perfect. Seriously, they've been flawless. Ruby is totally litter trained now, but these are just so nice to pick up once a week and shake off the hay bits mess from...
  7. AVIE

    Rug/Mat Suggestions?

    this is what I use, durable, washable, reusable, stays in place,
  8. AVIE

    Rug/Mat Suggestions?

    just get the reusable puppy pads from Amazon, I got a very large one, it's fleece like on top, non stick like on bottom, I got 2, one goes in wash, and one is always clean. I think mine are like 4 x 6. heading to Amazon for link.
  9. AVIE


    dad jokes count! I was going to say "what's punnier than a dad?" but my brain went to "what's bunnier than a dad?" and well, that's where I got lost.
  10. AVIE


    Buntastic! "some bunny that I used to know" it!
  11. AVIE


    Who wants to play a BUNDERFUL game. Let's hear your best rabbit puns and greetings!
  12. AVIE

    Post pictures of your rabbits

    my new rescue bun Rosey
  13. AVIE

    How much money is a spay?

    it varies drastically. My buns go the HRS recommended rabbit vet and I paid 400 I think I remember. but another bun owner I work with went to Lancaster pet pantry which is a local animal welfare clinic and paid $80, her bun was fine. huge difference but you take a lot of risk with non rabbit...
  14. AVIE

    An easy way to get adorable art of your bun!

    I love this! Thanks for sharing!!!-
  15. AVIE

    Odyssey has bows on!

    That's cute! I subscribed to your channel.
  16. AVIE

    odyssey~'s bun blog!

    You are just the sweetest, I'm one of your biggest fans too!
  17. AVIE

    odyssey~'s bun blog!

    I work hard for the bunnies, so hard for the bunnies. I work hard for the bunnies so I'd better treat them right. Anyone??
  18. AVIE

    Ted the Tyrant

    Rosey is like that too!
  19. AVIE

    Fun/Interesting Photos!

    That awkward moment when your bun morphs into a mongoose
  20. AVIE

    odyssey~'s bun blog!

    Odyssey is beautiful! Treasure that little face