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  1. Laurat

    Taking in an unspayed female

    I’m adopting an unspayed female lop from my friend as she can no longer home her. She’s 11 months old and unspayed. I’m going to bond her with my boy Waffles (a neutered 4.5 month lop). my question is- should I get her spayedstraight away and use her 6 week recovery as pre bonding time too? Or...
  2. Laurat

    Accidental bonding

    Hi everyone, so today one of my rabbits escaped from its pen (my daughter left the latch open) and was free roaming around the garden. My other rabbit (it’s brother) was in separate pen (they’ve been separated post neutering). I was so worried as I’ve kept them apart and not seeing each other...
  3. Laurat

    Swapped hutch level- stressed rabbit!

    My 2 male rabbits are separated following neutering (17 days ago), they live in a 2 storey hutch but on one level each. I needed to change the storeys around so Flumpy (the skittish/shy rabbit) would come out easier from the bottom storey to go in the run- (I couldn’t get him out of top without...
  4. Laurat

    Post neutering / pre bonding

    Hi everyone, my bunnies were neutered 10 days ago. They’ve been separated to a level each of their 6ft home as they were fighting before being fixed. They’re obviously still separated. They’ve been in their hutch since the op and They have healed well. My question is about being out of hutch and...
  5. Laurat

    Help! My girl is actually a boy!

    Help needed please! So after a pre assessment vet check last week for my bunnies spaying and neutering- I checked them in this morning for the vet to ring me 20 minutes later to say the girl is actually a boy! Easily mistaken apparently as the testicles were inverted. Now I’m worried about them...
  6. Laurat

    Rabbits fighting?

    Hi, I have 11 week old bunnies (brother & sister) who are bonded from birth. They have been so lovely with each other but recently started humping a lot and, yesterday they started fighting. I found clumps of fur in their hutch from overnight and now they have just been circling and in a...