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  1. Liamallory

    Urgent: Is this hay moldy?

    I had to rush-order some timothy hay due to my rabbits' sudden growth in appetite going through my stock of hay before my orders of new hay come in, but I noticed this in one of the packs I've ordered. Can anyone tell me whether this is a sign of mold or not? I opened the pack and I don't smell...
  2. Liamallory

    Can baby rabbits have cecal dysbiosis from alfalfa hay? And is sudden shifting from one brand of the same hay type okay?

    As a disclaimer, I already set up a vet appointment to have my rabbit checked, but it's still for next week. So I'm posting in case anyone's had experience on something like this. When I got my rabbits they were a little less than three months, and they came into my life as a surprise, so I...
  3. Liamallory

    Seeking serious advice

    (Content warning for talk about depression and anxiety) Hello. This would probably be a long read, but I’m deeply grateful to anyone who will stick through to the end. Even more so to anyone who can give me advice for my situation. I know that parts of what I’ll be talking about are topics that...