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  1. Aphreditie70

    (RIP) Littlefoot need help!

    hi all, a loose Husky dog got in my bunny shed and broke open on of the cages. littlefoot was gone. i asked my neighbor he saw the dog pawing by my other neighbors garage sure enough littlefoot was there. scared out of his wits. i put his cage back together and cleaned it out. gave him fresh...
  2. Aphreditie70

    fostering a baby bunny need help!!!!

    Hello all its been awhile.A customerbrougt in a orphaned baby bunnie she found by the street. it doesntlook to me like a wild rabbit. and asked for my advice. i told her itlooked only a few weeks old i say about 3 weeks? (i guessed thinkingback to when mine were little) now shes wasnt too keen...
  3. Aphreditie70

    Housing bunnies together?

    Ok i have my buns seperated. but i know at workwe keep buns together seperating the sexes of course.. but they areusually young when we get them. as some of u know from my other post ihave baby buns and am thinkin of keepin one or two. can samesexes be housed together? i heared they are better...
  4. Aphreditie70


    hello all i'm am soo excited! Sniffers had her first litter i just noticed them this morning at 8am. after noticing a huge pile of fur in the corner of her cage! looks like she plucked enough for another bunny! LOL! at first i thought is she faking it again? but then i seen movement! i think she...
  5. Aphreditie70


    Hi all! Went to the Hughesville fair tonight.Was checking out their bunnies, they had all kindsnetherlands,lops,polish,lionhead,angora, mini rex along with some bigbunnies too!they were all so cute! i was originallythinking of getting a pair of mini lops but after that little femaledutch we had...
  6. Aphreditie70

    Signs of pregnancy?

    hello! my 2dwarf bunnies are indoorsand penedsepreately. theyget out to play severaltimes a week.we havea female sniffers who is 1 yrold , and a male thumper who is about 6mths old. today when i let themout as uaual and cleaned their cage i noticed siffers had been nesting.i also noticed she ran...
  7. Aphreditie70

    Catnip Yes or no?

    ok ive read that cat toys are good bunnie toysbut havent seen anything yet about whether u can gvie them toys withcatnip in them. So tell me cis catnip ok or forbidden. so fari only got them a cardbored box, lattace balls and little tennis balls.
  8. Aphreditie70

    New member please Help with breed?

    Hi all ! i have a buck Thumper ,about 3mths old.An a doe Sniffers, about 10- 11 mths old . sniffers was aeaster present for my son from his grammyand Thumper i boughtfrom work. i work at a local petchop but of course all it said on theinvoice was Drawf rabbits. i breed hamsters also known as the...