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  1. Brandy456

    I really need to get rid of this stuff..

    Here's my Kijiji ad for all Babii's stuff..
  2. Brandy456

    I don't know what to do..

    I know I haven't been on for a while, and I hope you all forgive me, but i'm really stuck in a rut right now with what to do with Babii, and pushing the past aside, I need some advice. She turned 6 last week. I think (I always have trouble with this.. she's either 5 or 6) Lately she...
  3. Brandy456

    Sparky needs your help

    Please vote for him!
  4. Brandy456

    Celexa ?

    My doctor put me on celexa (second, or third generation of prozac)and i'm definitely feeling loopy. Once it kicked in, i was TIRED. Like I couldn't sit up anymore, I needed to lay down. So I went to lay down, then when I thought I was ready to get up, remember thinking to myself ' how do I do...
  5. Brandy456

    He disappeared ?

    I can't find that thread for the life of me, but to recap, the dog was left outside by himself over night in a really busy neighborhood, and it was very cold and rainy. Then the dogs nails were so long he could hardly walk Then the dog was terrified of him when he screamed for him to go...
  6. Brandy456

    Ottawa Area?

    Where were moving, only Sparky was accepted as a pet (our dog). we're going to bring Babii anyways, and make sure we keep her area decent so nothing can be noted. Anyways, if the landlord ever has to come over, for repair or anything (my mom and her have become somewhat good friends, and my...
  7. Brandy456

    I need some advice

    I need some advice, something I either can't talk to my friends about because they don't know, or don't approve.. or are just too silly to answer maturely. I've been dating this guy long distance since March, we're better then ever, thats not the problem. The problem is his best friends...
  8. Brandy456

    I think I got ran over by a truck.

    I'm one of those people that'll only wear jackets once I NEED to. Last week I took my brothers dog for a one hour walk and only wore a lulu-lemon sweat shirt (no hood) so I froze my tush off. Yesterday (halloween) my friend and I kept running outside, just wearing t shirts and it was -6 AND...
  9. Brandy456

    My house smells of bacon and maple syrup.

    Sunday breakfast time ! Bacon, Eggs, Toast, Potats (homefrys), and beans in maple syrup. This is probably the only day you'll catch me eating breakfast. Do you guys have Sunday breakfast?
  10. Brandy456

    WE GOT THE HOUSE - volume 2.

    Haha, if you read my last 'we got the house' deal, you may know we lost it. A few hours before we went to sign the lease the man called us and told us he already rented it out, which was weird since him and my mom had been talking all week about moving, and what he'd need from her (checks...
  11. Brandy456

    Are you wearing purple today ?

    Theres an 'event' on facebook going around for people to wear purple today in memory of all the teenagers who killed themselves because they were bullied for being gay, or trans gender. I have a purple polo on, and a purple scarf, and did a cool eye shadow/Smokey eye look with purples...
  12. Brandy456


    Read this if you haven't yet, to see why we're moving Anyways, we went and saw it, and we got it! :D When we move (on Nov.15th) i'll do a tour video and upload it to youtube. They're getting it professionally cleaned before...
  13. Brandy456

    Anyone know what I can do?

    For the past 2 weeks, when I wake up in the middle of the night (to use the washroom, or just wake up) my hips HURT. Like almost unbearable pain. So I thought I just needed to switch sides, so I do and I'll wake up again and that side will hurt. Usually it's the side thats not touching the bed...
  14. Brandy456

    Chile Miner Rescue

    My mom and I have been fallowing this story for a long while now, and stayed up late last night to see the first Miner rescued from down in the 'cave' If anyone wants to watch live I recommend and...
  15. Brandy456

    Holy Fur!

    I went to clean Babii's cage yesterday. It had been 3 days from the last time I did, and literally the bedding was bound together with fur. Then a little fur ball in the corner, and she still has those 'clumps of dead fur' stuck on her (I love pulling those out, lol) Anyone else? :X
  16. Brandy456

    Before this site..

    I fed Babii chicken and potatoes (my neighbor told me she did that to her ratties, and so I guessed bunnies were the same) Thank god for you guys lol! Anyone do something silly before they came here?
  17. Brandy456

    what color should I paint my room?

    My bed set (headboard, dresser and nightstand) is all a light birch. These aren't pictures of my stuff, just the color (I found these pictures on google) This color ; My makeup vanity is a dark brown wood This color ; Also, if it helps I have a pink comforter for my bed, which has...
  18. Brandy456

    I need some advice..

    I frequent this forum a lot, and they asked me to be on their 'blog team' to write articles and such. They give me such hard times on things I write. The articles MUST be between 400-600 words, no more or no less or they will refuse it completely. So I posted one that was somewhere in the...
  19. Brandy456

    What do I do ?

    A lot of people keep their dogs in crates at night, but Sparky always has to pee so we just baby-gate him in our galley kitchen, and put a pee pad. Last night I was putting up the baby gate and (before I go on, i'll show you a picture of what it looks like) See how theres like 2 'panels' of...
  20. Brandy456

    I'm pregnant..

    Kidding, but is that believable ? Part of my Halloween costume (and I want to prank a few people..) Btw.. I plan to be some sort of hillbilly, but the ones in movies, where they're pregnant, and smoking, and drinking, and crying out for support. (I don't actually smoke, or drink.. but we'll...