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  1. Kittiebot

    Bonding - When to put them together in the same cage?

    I have a male and a female fixed rabbits that I am trying to bond. I have been working with them for almost 3 weeks now, they are at the stage where they don't fight at all, the female will groom the male, the male will kind of groom the female (he does a half-a**ed job!). They are together for...
  2. Kittiebot

    Marking Edges of Playpen

    Hi everyone, I am having issues with my bun Buttons marking the edges of her playpen when I let her out. I currently have 3 buns in seperate cages, all de-sexed, but each day one bun comes out to play in the center of the living room. I attach a xpen to their cage and they use the center of the...
  3. Kittiebot

    Bunny Lost His Nail

    Yesterday when my bun was getting his nails trimmed, his left dew claw came off! All of a sudden it was just completely off his foot :( There was barely any blood and he still has a tiny nub left, but pretty much almost all the nail is gone. He is acting normal, isn't limping or bleeding...
  4. Kittiebot

    Help! Tiny Poos!

    My little guy has had tiny poos for the past day. The poos are about half as large as they normally are. No mucus or hair connecting them. He has still been eating, but about 1/3 less than normal. He is still acting fine, moving around, still wanting to be pet, no grinding teeth or behavior that...
  5. Kittiebot

    Questions on Free Range BunBuns

    Hi everyone - Mordin has made it perfectly clear to me now that he HATES being in his cage. He has already escaped 2 times, so I had to make some modifications to his cage. I let him out almost every day in an x-pen, but he seems to want even more space to run around! He tries to dig under the...
  6. Kittiebot

    New Pics of My Baby Bun!

    Mordin is now 3 months old! I love him more and more every day and can't believe how amazingly affectionate he is! The last pic is of Mordin with my lovebird Moonunit. Moonunit was suuuper curious about Mordin, but I had to keep them apart, not sure if they will play nice together.
  7. Kittiebot

    Becoming a Vegetarian

    So the husband and I decided to become vegetarians just last week because of the health benefits and the ethical issues. We never ate a ton of meat in the first place so it's not a huge change. Ever since getting my bunbun I've been struggling with the fact that animals have such unique...
  8. Kittiebot

    Rabbit HATES to be Picked Up!

    Hi everyone! My 3 month old mini rex Mordin HATES to be picked up. I know rabbits hate to be picked up in general, but Mordin is such a struggler! Even if I have him securely tucked under my arm with his feet supported he kicks and squirms and claws me to death to get away to the point where I...