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  1. BonbonandJujubee

    Molly a holland lop needs a new home(Utah)

    This is my younger brothers rabbit and my parents agree he isn't caring for her with as much love as she needs. She has had an aggressive streak though, she still loves being pet and loves treats but can be territorial. She is not spayed which may be contributing to this. She is about 3...
  2. BonbonandJujubee

    Rabbit Grass

    I’m about to move to an apartment which won’t have a good yard for my bunny. I’m wanting to grow indoor grass for her, I’ve read that oat and wheat grass are good but I’m worried about what soil is safe. Does anyone know any good stuff for this?
  3. BonbonandJujubee

    Gi stasis, lumps in tummy

    I just got my bunny home, last night, from being at the vet for 2 days, he had GI stasis and an infection. He ate when he came home and pooped overnight. Today he has only had 2 poops this morning (it is now about 9 hours later since those poops) and stopped eating. when I give him tummy...
  4. BonbonandJujubee

    Bunny Labor problems

    My Holland lop has been in Labor for over an hour now and hasn't delivered any kits. I'm getting worried and wondering if anyone has any advice? She has had a few litters and many of the babies died, I'm pretty sure some of them were fetal giants so I watched her diet while she was pregnant. If...
  5. BonbonandJujubee

    To spay or not to spay

    I have been considering spaying my female rabbit when she turns 3, I was wondering if it is dangerous to do so. I have read about a risk of uterine cancer in 4 year old does. I am worried that the surgery for spaying a rabbit is risky and I don't want to lose her to that either.
  6. BonbonandJujubee

    Help please

    We have recently caught our neighbors rabbit again, we have caught him several times now. He is very skinny normally. This time he has blood in his nose and mouth. We have a dog and the rabbit snuck into our backyard, we don't know but we think the dog got him. My parents won't let me do...
  7. BonbonandJujubee

    I think my rabbit has worms

    I have recently noticed worms in my rabbits poop, I haven't seen very many. I was sitting with him and when he moved I saw he pooped but there was a small white worm on his poop. I am wondering what the best medication to use for worms is. I don't want it to get worse but I am worried about...