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  1. Eve84

    Holiday with Rabbits

    Hiya, Due to COVID- 19 we have cancelled our previous planned summer holiday but booked a new holiday which will be in about 3 weeks. Normally I would like to find a pet owner near by and ask to pet sitter in return while on holiday, but due to COVID - 19 it is all a little different this year...
  2. Eve84

    Will his ears still drop?

    Im just curious what you think about his ears are still able to drop even when he is already almost 18 weeks old? I think his ears don’t look like (sorry it’s not my language...) a Rex? Is Rex the bunny’s with standing ears? But also he doesn’t look like a Holland lop yet. Is it possible his...
  3. Eve84

    New rabbit owner

    Hello, I’m a new owner of three rabbits and I could do with some advice :0). I have three kids who are helping me with looking after them too. I read loads of rabbits already, we bought a hutch for them, which is made by a joiner, it’s winter safe and wind safe due to Plexiglass. We are...