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  1. AVIE


    Who wants to play a BUNDERFUL game. Let's hear your best rabbit puns and greetings!
  2. AVIE


    WARNING! THE FOLLOWING POST IS BEING WRITTEN BY AN EMOTIONAL FEMALE. IF YOU IDENTIFY AND CAN SUPPORT, PLEASE DO. IF NOT SAVE THE CRITICISMS. So my Ruby is over a year old now, and she's the center of my world. And here we are, at the point you have all been. It's just been me and her for so...
  3. AVIE

    My mental health friend

    When a girl has had an absolutely horrid day... Who is the only one there for her... Who?
  4. AVIE

    Uv lamp

    Anyone use a uv lamp with their bun? Ruby's doctor thinks she needs one. Vitamin D. He went over all these studies he's read (he does that every time he sees her). So I got the bulb, gonna get a timer, as he suggested.... But not sure when to have it on. Evenings for about 4 hours? We really...
  5. AVIE

    At ER vet right now!

    Last night Ruby was fine. This morning she was hiding and didn't come out for breakfast. Has never turned down food before. I went to pick her up and she ran under couch and wouldn't come out. She was hunched up in a ball, wouldn't come out, would not respond to hay, salad or banana chips. I...
  6. AVIE

    Just a bun and her pug...

    New friendship blooming here. Ruby is a single bun and has taken to flopping in the dogbed, pug does not mind at all.
  7. AVIE


  8. AVIE

    Does Ruby's eye look odd?

    Ruby's eyes always look solid black to me, but this morning I took a photo of her in the sun and saw her iris for the first time. It's beautiful of course, but I'm not sure if that's a trick of the light or if she has some distortion in the iris. Anyone have any thoughts?
  9. AVIE


    Time to pull out that camera and capture another fun theme photo! May the luck of the Irish guide your camera and your creativity!
  10. AVIE

    Mayday Mayday! Its Spay Day...

    I know almost all of you have been through this before and mostly, I assume, with success. But im sure you remember the fear of that day, well at least if you're a wussy like me. I think a few of us are going through this today @gelliebean for one. So please go through this with me today. (we...
  11. AVIE

    Pestavert~ Opinions?

    Has anyone used the Pestavert pest spray? I see it on Small Pet Select and Amazon and somewhere else I think. The descriptions and reviews sound very promising... But my question is, does this leave their fur oily? It seems to be made of oils.
  12. AVIE


    It's time for holiday fun no matter what festival of lights you celebrate! Post some cuteness! And as always remember if you do dress your bun, please only comfy fit and escape items and only long enough for the photo (I received a pm on Facebook about Ruby's Thanksgiving tutu being cruel, and...
  13. AVIE

    How To Soothe The Hormonal Beast?

    Two days ago the hormonal waves took over and my sweet bunny turned into a teenage beast. Shes doing long jumps onto me suddenly from across the room, She's nipping at my feet, chasing and charging, leaving piles of stinky poo in my lap. She chewed my phone charger and overnight destroyed a...
  14. AVIE


    Okay buns! We've got about a week till the big day (here in the US at least). Anyone up for staging a special Thanksgiving, Autumn or Harvest themed photo shoot. Whatever you can think of, whether it's a cute background, props, full out turkey bunny suit, a drawing or a cute photo decked out...
  15. AVIE

    Hay Everybun, a question about hay!

    Hello! So following some great advice here, I added orchard grass to Ruby's Timothy. She loves it, thank you. I'm adding it a bit at a time to not stress her system, so far all's good. Now here's my question... I've been reading and watching videos and seen mention of "treat hays," now does...
  16. AVIE

    First vet visit, thought for food

    Ruby had her first appt today. Things went well, we have 4 lbs of healthy bunny. She does have some Coccidia in stool that we are treating with a 5 day course of Ponazuril, not a big deal if treated now. She is currently on the Rowes show feed, but vet says too rich for non breeding house...
  17. AVIE

    Is My Rabbit Savvy Vet Worth It?

    After research to find my local rabbit savvy vet, I was thrilled to find the one listed on the house rabbit society's directory to be just down the road. Yay! I called to set up a first consult meet with and to discuss prices of the spay. The spay alone was $375! I knew it wouldn't be...
  18. AVIE

    Thrianta anyone?

    Have just found my Bun, the breeder is going to hold her for me for 6 weeks till my leg is healed up enough to get outta this cast and actually be able to take care of her! YAY! Anyway, she's a Thrianta, a breed I'm not that familiar with. I fell in love with her pictures because like myself...
  19. AVIE

    Crafts for Bunnies

    I am currently held up in bed with a majorly crushed ankle, I was planning on getting my bun this month... I have spent MONTHS researching and shopping and creating the perfect home. and THEN, I trip and fall down stairs. Absolute bed rest and elevation. GRRRRRRRR! Anyway, thought I'd make...