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  1. Pawsome_Pets

    Lost a Rabbit?

    My brother calls me and says "have you lost a rabbit? there is one down the driveway!" after a quick head count everyone was accounted for. 2 minutes later Dylan (bro) is knocking on my door holding the most adorable little broken black male mini-lop. He is at least 6months but Im thinking more...
  2. Pawsome_Pets

    NIC cubes...

    me and my friend have been on the hunt for some NIC cubes, her for her bun me for levels of my rat cage. does anyone know anywhere in NZ that sells them? or where we can order them from that ship to NZ at a reasonable price? Please and Thank you!
  3. Pawsome_Pets

    Shadow X Hallie litter

    Today my black purebred mini-lop buck met my white nethieXmini-lop doe All seemed to go well but we shall see in 28-31 days :D About the parents: Buck: Shadow, 9 months old. Black Purebred Mini-lop. VERY placid temperament, loves people and cuddles Sire of 2 previous litters Doe...
  4. Pawsome_Pets

    Help needed for little Pandora

    On the 25th August my friends purebred mini-lop rabbit developed a head tilt at 11 weeks old, the vet diagnosed it as either an ear infection or ear mites (which we already new it was an infection). She had an injection of Invermecion (sp?) and a 7 day course of Baytril. He tilt got worse and...
  5. Pawsome_Pets

    Shadow likes giving me heart attacks

    Shadow my only boy and *cough* favourite bunny in the world (dont tell him that!!!) decided to try and give me a heart attack by flopping into his litter tray and stop moving AND barely breathing! I had to poke him a few times until he moved.... It turned out he was just over heating from...
  6. Pawsome_Pets

    My first bunny litter

    I haven't been sharing pics of my babies lately so here is a summary of the last 5 1/2 weeks :) Mum - Poppy (8months) 1/2 mini-lop 1/2 unsure (wild?) Dad - Shadow (6-7months) mini-lop 1 week old 2 1/2 weeks "Alex" - female "Abby" - Female...
  7. Pawsome_Pets

    Sammi the Psycho Bunny

    Sadly I woke up this morning to find that my half lop half wild bunny Sammi had passed over to rainbow bridge. She had been sick and really skinny but was eating/playing normal and was booked into the vets for tomorrow but it looks like she gave up the fight. She was only 7 months old and her...
  8. Pawsome_Pets

    Cross Breed Girl

    I adopted this little girl on thursday, she was advertised as a cross-breed and thats all i know about her. Id guess about 10-12 weeks old
  9. Pawsome_Pets

    Very Skinny Bunny (RIP)

    Sammi is half Mini-Lop half Wild. 7 Months old. She is being fed pellets, vegies and grass She moved to a different hutch as she was fighting with her sister Poppy, she is now friends with my friends neutered rabbit Oscar. She gets Mineral/Salt licks, wooden chews, fresh hay to nibble, and...
  10. Pawsome_Pets

    Help! mother not feeding

    My rabbit gave birth to 6 babies on wednesday night, she hasnt been feeding them so I have been trying to hand feed them. its really difficult to do with a syringe and im probably doing more harm than good. Is there anybody who knows how I can get my rabbit to feed them? I know she has some milk...