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  1. bunnylove2024

    Housing tips for outside?

    well better safe than sorry
  2. bunnylove2024

    Housing tips for outside?

    incase you were wonder why... I didn't know for like 3 years:oops: Wood pallets are made from organic material – trees. Trees do not grow in sterile surroundings. The ground they are rooted in, the air they are surrounded by, and the water they absorb are not only full of nourishing material...
  3. bunnylove2024

    Litter Box Training

    Yep, apollo's slave said it all! The only thing is you could try putting a litter box on the couch for a bit so he goes there instead-but I know that might be awkward.
  4. bunnylove2024

    No veggies

    grass, grass, and more grass. If you can find grass which I'm sure you can, it makes a good replacement because it is fresh green. Fresh maple leaves are also good. Good luck though.
  5. bunnylove2024

    Waterproof and chew-proof flooring?

    office chair mats would be a good option and give them more things to chew on. are they litter trained?
  6. bunnylove2024

    Bunny litter

    looking forward to it!
  7. bunnylove2024

    Rabbits vs Parrots: how does a bun compare to a parrot?

    bunnies are social creatures, they like a habit, and want to be loved. With this in mind here we go - rabbits tend to be aggressive until they trust you, if they are sick, or if they are injured - you can regain their trust of things by slowly easing into it, if you acendntly clipped a nail too...
  8. bunnylove2024

    Housing tips for outside?

    this is a good site the only thing is space can be a minimum of 2ft deep by 5ft long, it seems big but your rabbit will be happy! as for the grass yes it is ok to just spill them but make sure they are sprouted before your bunny goes there...
  9. bunnylove2024

    Bunny litter

    it's a good idea to wait. the double pregnancy is a thing because rabbits have 2 uteruses it gross but it is possible, it tends to happen if you wait for a day or two before the next breeding session. your babies are cute! if one is blind she is getting around by sent and use of her whiskers...
  10. bunnylove2024

    HELP!!! Losing weight!! GI STASIS?

    Thevanhuard6 is right, be careful with oats. They are helpful in many ways but can be dangerous if they get too much.
  11. bunnylove2024

    Have any of you noticed people act weird towards you because of the COVID-19

    you to Hermelin. if you have a yard you can get grass form there too, you can dry it for hay or give it to them fresh! Stay safe and healthy though and good luck to you and your bunnies!
  12. bunnylove2024

    Question about bunny behavior

    that's funny;) she is one lucky girl!
  13. bunnylove2024

    Bunny Labor problems

    I am so sorry, you did your best.
  14. bunnylove2024

    Color of my baby bunnies

    I wish, but I live in MN!
  15. bunnylove2024

    Share and show your pictures of your cute furbabies

    and i have one more but i don't have a pic of him yet!
  16. bunnylove2024

    Rabbit shaking and lying down?

    I know it a bit late but how is he doing?
  17. bunnylove2024

    Rabbit shaking and lying down?

    \ Be very gentle and feel if anything is tender or sensitive. Mistakes happen but as fuz said, it could be bad.
  18. bunnylove2024

    Gi-stasis: Help!

    I am so sorry! I would give him a few gas drops and watch him. Give him critical care by syringe, that should help a bit. Now that it is only getting worse I would really try to get him to the vet if you can!
  19. bunnylove2024

    Bonded mate passed away.

    I'm so sorry! I have quite a few good bonding experiences by bringing one home. You just have to do it slowly and the right way. this is a good link to get you started but I would do some more research!
  20. bunnylove2024

    Color of my baby bunnies

    also welcome to the forum! ;) too bad you don't live in MN, I am looking for a buck to breed my black broken doe with:(
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