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  1. Indywtf

    Litterbox issues, enclosure solution?

    I was about to hijack the thread asking about letting our bun have access to our kitchen, which has a super glossy floor. I noticed the reflection in the image and couldn't imagine our guy getting around on that floor. We blocked off our kitchen after watching his first slippery venture in and...
  2. Indywtf


    Looks like a happy bunny with good parents. My gf and I both say we are better humans, loving and caring for our free roam family member. Getting chinned is kind of a big responsibility, she will look for you when you get home, when she wakes up, gets hungry, wants to play, gets hurt, is scared...
  3. Indywtf

    How important are pellets?

    This site can’t be reached refused to connect.
  4. Indywtf

    Vets won't help till friday!

    We lost our angel to stasis, It broke our hearts in 24 hours. veggies suck now. prayers n binkies
  5. Indywtf


    Sensitive little angels... He's in our prayers for his new home.
  6. Indywtf

    Ways to get involved with rabbits?

    My girlfriend helps once a week at our local animal shelter and there is always at least 1 bun there. One day she brought home our little angel and we have been hooked since. Maybe just stop by your shelter and (if they have bunnies there) ask if you can let them out from time to time. They...
  7. Indywtf

    HELP!! Issues with new bunny

    "Snuffles is a term used to describe the symptoms of runny eyes, runny nose and sneezing in rabbits. The cause of these symptoms is often a chronic bacterial infection in the tear ducts and nasal sinuses. The bacteria involved are usually Pasteurella spp or Staphylococcus spp. "
  8. Indywtf

    Thumper Passed Away

    So sorry. We lost our beautiful bun this year. Giving huge amounts of love to our new baby has helped. prayers and binky free
  9. Indywtf

    Becoming destructive

    Does she get out for some zoomies twice a day? Not sure how she can burn off excess energy in that small of an area, but we have only ever free roamed so it may be fine.
  10. Indywtf

    Large tunnel

    We purchased this 10" on amazon for Walter (4 month old Flemish Giant). We wake up every morning to him doing the 500 through (and over) it. Bunny Hideout, Rabbit Tunnels and Tubes, 3 Pack of Grass Balls - Collapsible Hideaway