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  1. TCRabbitry


    Anyone else having issues with transport from ARBA Convention??? I have been very understanding, and normally wouldn't think anything of it, but I received an e mail that had the number of animals for me off by 1. I was told that this was a typo.... However, being that I was never even...
  2. TCRabbitry

    Clatsop County Small Animal Round Up

    I am not sure if everyone is aware, but this Saturday, November 20th, Clatsop County is holding their annual Small Animal Round Up. This is for Rabbits, Cavies, Poultry, Pigeons and Cats. There will be showmanship and conformation. Registration starts at 8 am and the show starts at 9 am...
  3. TCRabbitry

    Mini Lop Pictures

    Took some pictures of my two favorite juniors and a baby. TCR Morgan. Chestnut Junior Doe TCR Franklin. Broken Silver Tipped Steel Junior Buck. KB's Kiss, Chocolate Junior Doe So, what do y'all think? :D
  4. TCRabbitry

    User Name Colors?

    I'm curious about the different colors of a person's username. I have seen brownish orange ones, red ones and blue ones. What do the different colors mean?
  5. TCRabbitry


    So, Check these out! This is a Black Gold Tipped Steel DOE.... This is a Chestnut DOE This is a Chocolate Silver Tipped Steel Buck This is a Black Silver Tipped Steel Buck This is a Siamese Sable Buck Just had to share some photos. :D
  6. TCRabbitry

    Color Help?

    These are baby mini lops. The dark one I put in with them for comparison is going to be a Black Silver Tipped Steel. These babies are all going to be steels, one for sure a silver tipped... I am curious as to what their base color is going to be.... I thought it was going to be sable...
  7. TCRabbitry

    Feeling stomped on.

    so, things have been crazy lately. Back in August, I moved my rabbits down to my friends house. I told her time and time again that I could never thank her enough for allowing me to do so. I even gave her over half of my herd to sell or keep. They were down there for a little over 4...
  8. TCRabbitry

    Is anyone going to the St Helens OR show on 1/30/10?

    I am curious if anyone is going to this show. I was planning on going, but am debating it now, being as there will be people there that I am not sure I want to be around. I am thinking that I will go, and stick to the mini lop table, so I don't run into them, but it's an awfully small show room...
  9. TCRabbitry

    Getting Mini Lops

    I am so super excited! I am picking up Mini Lops here soon! I am getting a blue GT steel doe, a black ST steel doe, a Lynx doe, a seal buck, a REW buck, a Broken Orange Buck, a broken chestnut buck, and a chestnut buck. I know.... it's a little uneven... I am going to go through the bucks...
  10. TCRabbitry

    I'm now selling Avon!

    Hello everyone! I am now selling Avon! Check it out! You can order online and have your products shipped directly to you! Right now they are having some awesome sales on holiday items! And, if your order is over $30, they are offering FREE shipping! Check...
  11. TCRabbitry

    Need some help

    I am going to judge a 4H show for cavies and rabbits. I haven't done showmanship for years, and need some ideas on good places to look things up. What are the general questions? Especially for cavies? Thanks, Melinda
  12. TCRabbitry

    Big decisions

    I have finally, after about a week or more of battling with myself decided to sell off most of my rabbits. They are down at my friends house right now. I am going to get the ones that mean the most to me back from her, and let her sell off the rest. I just don't have the time for them right now...
  13. TCRabbitry

    Lots of Stress

    I have lots of stuff going on. First off, my fiance's family and friends are putting pressure on him to not marry me. His friends came to him and told him that they wouldn't be throwing him a bachelor party or inviting him to anything again. That, along with a ton of stress from work...
  14. TCRabbitry

    8 Weeks Until My Wedding!

    I am so frustrated.... I have done everything so far, I have been the only one who was even excited about my wedding so far, and all of a sudden, my mom, sister in law (wedding planner), and other sister in law have decided that they are completely taking over.... I am not even allowed to be at...
  15. TCRabbitry

    One heck of a day!

    I am beyond frustrated! Someone called and reported my rabbits to my rental company... so now I have a weekend to get my house and rabbit barn spotless!!! because they are coming to inspect our house on Monday!!! ARGHHHHH!!!! I tell you what, if I EVER find out who did this, there will be some...
  16. TCRabbitry

    Tucker Creek Rabbitry

    I am really tired. It is almost 90 degrees outside. My rabbits are hot.... My dog is happy.... She is hanging out with me.... She hasn't been able too, at least not like she wants to here lately, because of me having to work in the early morning. My feet are killing me.... I stand on my feet...
  17. TCRabbitry


    I am in the Portland Oregon area and raise Hollands. I specialize in Chocolate and Otter. :D