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  1. kirstin

    Very Thin Rabbit

    I have a 2 year old Holland Lop doe who is quite thin. At a glance you wouldn't think so because she's a fuzzy, but when you run your hand along her spine, it's quite boney and bumpy. She's not real interested in her pellets and will just flip the dish over. She eats most of her hay and seems to...
  2. kirstin

    Very Fast Breathing

    I took one of my female Hollands (about 2 years old) inside the house today for a couple hours, and as she was laying on the couch, her nose would twitch so fast that her ears and head would look as though they were vibrating. Her body language didn't show much stress, perhaps a little, but she...
  3. kirstin

    Weepy Eye?

    One of my female Hollands (about a year old) has been leaking some kind of liquid out of her right eye for a couple days now. It doesn't seem too serious, but the poor thing looks like she's crying out of one eye. Should I wait to see if it worsens? What even causes this?
  4. kirstin

    Two Sweet Hollands From Colorado Need New Home!

    Hullo all, I've got two female Hollands, both under 3 years old that need a new, loving home. One is fixed, and the other is scheduled to be fixed. I've got a BEW (Blue-Eyed White), and a Black Tort. They've both had litters before, and were wonderful mothers. I'm due to have a baby girl in...
  5. kirstin


    I fixed two of my Hollands yesterday (a girl and a boy), and today, they still have hardly eaten. Should I be worried? I know that a spay/neuter is a pretty big surgery, so it's bound to decrease appetite quite a bit. Both have a taken a few sips of water, but still only barely. Should I worry...
  6. kirstin

    6 Weeks Pregnant at 17 Years Old

    I'm 6 weeks pregnant at 17 years old. The pregnancy was a mistake (obviously), and abortion is out of the question -- I would never resort to such a thing. My 20 y.o. boyfriend got me pregnant, and he's leaving for basic training in the Army in August. I'm due in late October, so he'll still be...
  7. kirstin

    RESOLVED: Sweet Bunny With Medical Condition in Need of Loving Home

    Hoss is about 3 months old, and sadly suffers from head tilt or 'wry neck'. He is one of the sweetest bunnies you will ever meet. He's a tiny (only 1.5 lbs)Holland Lop Lilac Tort VM (Vienna Marked). He's currently on meds, and I'm awaiting improvement. Please contact me at...
  8. kirstin

    A Sad Predicament

    I posted a thread earlier about my young Holland buck, Hoss,who hashead tilt or "wry neck" as some call it. So far, heisn't recovering drastically, but he does seem to be happy, thankfully. Because the space in my rabbitry is limited, I need someone or some place willing to take good care of...
  9. kirstin

    Holland Lop Fuzzy vs. American Fuzzy Lop??

    So I emailed a registrar, asking for them to register my Holland Lop Fuzzy... but turns out she can't be registered because she has the "wool gene" as he put it. Is the wool gene created by crossing the American Fuzzy Lop and Holland Lop...? I adore fuzzies... and to me, it seems like AFLs are...
  10. kirstin

    Advice on Rabbit Shows

    So I'm thinking about going to a rabbit show in Loveland, CO on the 12 of Feb. I've never been before... but since I may start showing over the summer, I figured I should go to see what it's like. Is there any info. or tips a poor newbie needs in order to survive? I might bring a rabbitor...
  11. kirstin

    Young Rabbit With Head Tilt

    Hey all, My poor Holland, Hoss, has relapsed with head tilt. At about6 weeks old, he had mild head tilt (or wry neck), so I consulted a rabbit-savvy vet and fed him some wormer. It seemed to go away for about 5 weeks. Yet within hours, on February 7th, hebegan toshow very obvious signs of head...
  12. kirstin

    Color Confusion!

    Lilac or Blue Tort.?? Or neither...?Daddy was a lynx and mommy was a blue-eyed white...
  13. kirstin

    Runt or Peanut?

    My year old brood doe, Kaira, had 4 kits on the 3rd of January. She's had three litters of fetal giants or oversized kits before hand.. so it surprised me not to see any.I'm alsosurprised there weren't more. Her belly was HUGE. Anyhow, the first kit was dead whenI found it -- it was small and...
  14. kirstin

    Rabbit fight... Oops =/

    So I let Milo (neutered buck), Blizzard (not neutered buck), and Patches (spayed doe) be hoppy together in a closed off area. Milo and Blizzard are good friends and have been cage buddies since they were about 2-3 months old. Patches gets along decently with the boys, and I watched for a bit to...
  15. kirstin

    Bred while pregnant?

    One of my 10-month old does, Kaira,is about 3 weeks pregnant. While I was away at school during the day, somehow one of the bucks (bout 9 months old)got into her cage with Kaira and her half-sister, Bella (who is only 2ish months). Is it possible the Kaira could be in danger of having two...
  16. kirstin

    4-week old kit not eating much... help =( (RIP)

    So one of my Holland does had a litter of 6 about a month ago, and the runt (can't tell if it's a girl or boy yet), does not seem to be eating much. (I'll just call him a boy for now). I visit the rabbit shed 3-4 times a day, and he's always cooped up in a corner of the cage while his...
  17. kirstin

    Possible Rash?

    My Blue-Eyed White Holland Lop doe, Promise, seems to have some sort of pussing rash on both sides of her jaw as well as her throat and the back of her neck. The white fur is colored yellow and it's crusty. The skin is bright red and bumpy. It has a bad smell, even after cleaning it off with...
  18. kirstin

    4 Day Old Kits

  19. kirstin

    BEW Holland Babies!! Born 11-13-10!

    Hey all! I haven't been on much, but just thought I should show you all some cute kits. My doe, BEW, named Promise, kindled yesterday, and lo and behold! Six healthy kits! One of them is smaller than the rest, but I don't think she's a peanut. Pretty sure she'sa runt cause her ears andbuttare...
  20. kirstin

    Who can register my Hollands?

    Hullo all. I have two Hollands that need to be registered. I hear that during shows, some registers are available, but is that the only time I can find one? Is there someone that could come to my rabbitry and do it? Not saying any of you need to. Just want to know if there's a site I can go...