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  1. LoneMaple

    Pinworms keep reoccurring!

    Tokki keeps getting pinworms every few months, despite my thorough attempts of getting rid of them. Tokki (1.5 Y.O.) lives indoors. He is always fed the same store-bought hay/pellets and isn't much of a vegetable lover, nibbling on a broccoli or a carrot every so often. All fruits and veggies he...
  2. LoneMaple

    New bunny - questions

    Five months after getting my first bunny, Tokki, I've decided I'm ready to get him a friend. The person I'm buying the new bunny from is getting him neutered sometime this week, so I can pick him up on the weekend. Tokki, my first bunny, is a neutered 7 month old male. The new bunny will be a...
  3. LoneMaple

    What breed is my bun?

    Tokki is 6 months old and weighs 1,5kg. His fur is, I'd say, medium-length. His unusual color scheme got me confused, and I cannot figure out his breed no matter how many bunny pictures I look up for comparison. He's mostly pitch black, save for the white diamond shape on this nose, some...
  4. LoneMaple

    Bunny keeps peeing on bed!

    Hi! I'm a new bunny owner and I'm already having some behavioral troubles with my Tokki. Some general info, sorry if it's irrelevant: we believe him/her to be two and a half months of age - previous owner told us he/she was born on February 12th. Tokki has not been to the vet yet and so we have...