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  1. bransworld

    What breed of rabbit is this?

    So last night i was sitting watching TV and my doorbell rang. So i got up to answer it and there was this kid (more like teenager) and he said hey there I know that you have rabbits and I was wondering if you would take in a rabbit that my friend left at my house because she was no longer able...
  2. bransworld


    Whinny and Weezy were originally scheduled for their spayings last Friday but we ended up having to cancel and reschedule. They were rescheduled for today. I dropped them off about 6 hours ago. I just heard from the vet and they are out of surgery and are waking up. I have to call back in...
  3. bransworld

    Spays have been scheduled

    I called this morning and had Whinny and Weezy's spay scheduled. They both are getting spayed on Friday the 17th.....
  4. bransworld

    What Breed is this?

    I am trying to find out what breed of rabbit this is for a friend.
  5. bransworld

    Whinny and Weezy go to the vet today

    Whinny and Weezy are heading to the vet today for their pre-spay appointment. I so happy that they are hopefully big enough to get the spay done. I will let you know when the spay is going to be after i get home from the vet tonight.
  6. bransworld

    Why is Whinny biting/chewing Weezy's neck

    It seems that Whinny bites or chews on the back of Weezy's neck. It doesn't appear to hurt Weezy or anything but i have noticed Weezy's fur gets matted on the back of her neck pretty quickly. Is Whinny just grooming Weezy? Thanks in advance....
  7. bransworld

    Introducing... Weezy

    More pictures to come...
  8. bransworld


    Here are some photos of Whinny that i took tonight..
  9. bransworld

    Whinny's new home...

    Now you will understand why Whinny needs a friend... She has so much space..
  10. bransworld

    Already looking to get another bunny...

    So I have had Whinny for a little over a month and I am already looking to get another bunny. My goal is to have the two bonded and to have them in the same cage which i understand may take time. Is it best for me to get a male rabbit (who will get neutered) or is it okay for me to get a...
  11. bransworld


    Here is a thread for those of us in the Buckeye State. I live in Liberty Township which is about 25 miles north of Cincinnati. :bunnydance: