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    What is the exact color of my rabbits?

    Is Willow, my lop, a broken opal?? It's like, gray..with a lot of brown specks in it...I have no idea...Here's a pic: And Cosmo, my rex?? Broken something... Thank you! -Vanessa
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    Willow's Health

    Sooo...I figured I might as well update you guys as to what's been going on. Cosmo is as healthy as can be..Willow on the other hand has given mea couple of scares. A couple weeks ago I woke up one morning to the absence of her digging at the cage..she didn't want to eat either, so I knew...
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    Bun Videos

    Here's an adorable bun that likes to "make" her owner's bed!!
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    **Cosmo and Willow Pictures**

    hahaha, i'm such a dunce! I just posted this in the thread about the forum...soo, ignore that one, heres the real thing! Anyway, here are pics of my buns! Cosmo is the 15 month old Rex and Willow is a 2 yr old mini lop. I adopted Willow from the humane society April 2005 and I bought Cosmo...
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    Rabbit Behavior Specialists?

    Hey everyone! My 15 month old neutered Rex, Cosmo, and my 2 yr old spayed Mini Lop, Willow, have been living apart since they've met. Willow is wonderful, but everytime she gets near his cage, Cosmo just wants to bite her face or claw at her through his cage...he lunges at her with his hears...