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  1. EricaWD

    We had to let Cinder go

    I had to be away for a week due to a death in the family and didn't leave clear enough instructions because the bunnies were fed too much vegetables when I was gone, and Cinder might have also twisted her stomach. We did x rays and gave her simethicone, metacam, metoclopramide, cisapride, IV...
  2. EricaWD

    Preventing GI stasis

    We recently lost a bun due to GI stasis (and potentially a twisted stomach) and I wondered what else we can do to prevent it in the future. The buns have the following diet * Unlimited hay (orchard or timothy), they eat a good deal of the orchard especially * 1/8th cup Oxbow pellets, the...
  3. EricaWD

    Handling rabbits that don't like to be picked up

    I have 4 indoor rabbits and I find they do not like to be picked up, but I feel I should be brushing them regularly to help prevent GI stasis. How do we work with them to get them more amenable to being handled? I would be happy to leave them be except I worry about their health.
  4. EricaWD

    Bedding in the rabbit cage

    Hello all, Are shavings/bedding needed in the rabbit cage? I have two bunnies - one loves to burrow in her bedding and often rearranges it. The other may have been eating some of his bedding so we placed a towel in the bottom of the cage instead. Is the towel on the floor enough for a rabbit? I...
  5. EricaWD

    Behaviour - Post GI Stasis Aggressiveness

    Hello all, As I mentioned in another thread, our bunny Hayden we adopted a couple weeks ago very quickly developed cecal dysbiosis and GI stasis. He seems to have pulled through (is eating now - not as much hay as I'd like but still eating regularly). When we adopted Hayden the previous owner...
  6. EricaWD

    Unflippable water bowl?

    Hi all, I know a water bowl is better for bunnies than a bottle, but my rabbit Cinder keeps knocking her bowl or throwing it over, dumping the water all over. I tried a bowl that sits in a hanger that attaches to a cage, but she just pulls it out and dumps it too. She likes dumping and throwing...