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    **Cosmo and Willow Pictures**

    It's been a couple months since I'veposted!!! Here are a a couple recent pics of Cosmo and Willowand a few prettypictures I took... Willow Resting: Cosmo being King: Here a some flowers in my front yard: Here is a view from my bathroom: The woods in my backyard: A view down the...
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    I desperately need help with a rabbit

    Patience! Patience! Patience! Yummy treats (craisins, oats) every now and then and yummy herbs like basil might coax her. Follow all the advice given on this thread so far and come back with any questions you have and you can't go wrong. Littertraining should be fairly easy, I trained my...
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    Anyone else dream about their rabbits?

    ALL THE TIME! EVERY NIGHT! But it's usually scary things about my're outside and they're running away...or they both got out of their cages and they're gonna fight with eachother...or the dog gets into my room and is about to attack the buns...just really crazy and vivid...
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    How Old is our bunny ppl here?

    I'll be turning 20 on October 20th! I'm pretty psyched! Cosmo turned one year old last November and Willow is about 2 1/2 right now! -Vanessa
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    Free Rabbits to Good Home Reading, Pa

    I haven't heard any or in my everything ok? Do you still have the buns? Are you still looking for homes? Hope everything's me! -Vanessa
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    Two red Patches on Elbow of back legs

    Yes, I agree with Naturestee....the sore hocks could be from urine burns....I change my rabbits litterboxes every other, perhaps changing the paper 2 or 3 times a week would be a healthier alternative! -Vanessa
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    Newbie here! :-) I think there's a problem with my bunny...

    Hey Err! I'm so glad you joined! Maybe try slowly switching Zeke to a kind of food that just has treats...that's healthier....also, maybe he's sneezing because of cleaning products in your you use carpetfresh? Try to think if there is any kind of new cleaning product or...
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    Two red Patches on Elbow of back legs

    Is he on a wire bottom cage? If so, this could be the cause.. hope everything turns out well -Vanessa
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    Cages Only 1 (now closed)

    Here's a pic of Willow's cage: And here is a picture of Willow and Cosmo..sadly, this is about the closest these two get... -Vanessa
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    Do your bunnies prefer a hay rack....

    I put a huge handful of hay on the side of their litterbox they don't pee on...they just love pooping and munching at the same time! Also, hay doesn't end up all over the cage!! :colors: -Vanessa
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    Free Rabbits to Good Home Reading, Pa

    Hey! I live in Leesport, 10 min from Reading! Maybe I could come take a look at old are they? I'm interested in Pudding...I'll sedn an email to both email addresses...I'll see what I can do! -Vanessa
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    Willow's Health

    Hey, thank you so much! You guys are the best. She's doing just fine...she's flopping in complete contentment right now as Itype this....I'm going to go buy some regular neosporin today...the actual wound is only aboutthe size of a dot on a piece of paper made by a sharpie marker....and then...
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    Willow's Health

    naturestee wrote: What would happen if a rabbit licked Neosporin Plus...and how long does it take to see symptoms? Cuase I think I might have used just a tiny bit of that on her before I wrote this thread...god I'm such an idiot...but she seems to be doing just fine... and when you say...
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    Willow's Health

    Well, Willow scratched her scab off this morning and it started to i just stopped the bleeding with some tissues and I've let it be since then...I stopped putting vitamen E on it cause it just made her fur so oily...and I don't know if it's good to put Vitamen E on an open wound like...
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    Poll: What type of litter do you use?

    WOODY PET!!! :blueribbon:
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    Bunny Biology

    Yea, whenever I pick up my buns and try to put them on my lap (which they'll stay on for about half a second)..they breath faster and their eyes's just because they get scared when they are picked up...that's probably why his heart feels faster when he's on your lap rather than on the...
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    Yea, he def. doesn't have the rex fur...look at those ears! he could be a black new zealand...or a mix? whatever he is, he's adorable! -Vanessa
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    What is the exact color of my rabbits?

    Looks more like the one on the right...there is no dark layer underneath... thank you!!
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    Two words: Ferrero Rocher ::drools:: -Vanessa
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    What is the exact color of my rabbits?

    Is Willow, my lop, a broken opal?? It's like, gray..with a lot of brown specks in it...I have no idea...Here's a pic: And Cosmo, my rex?? Broken something... Thank you! -Vanessa