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    Bun breathing really fast

    I know they breath fast but i think he is sick...i gave him banana's he isnt even touching that and he loves banana's!! Not eating today daughter gave him a phone book to chew on could that be the problem?? his sides are kinda caved in but he is a fat boy so i have no clue...any...
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    Lots of snow here!

    I have a ? I have a wild baby rabbit that livesin a small bush in my front yard. The problem is we had about 9 inchesof snow....he maybe burried...should i try to dig him out? Before itsnowed i threw leaves down on top of the bush i hate for him to becrushed in there.....the snow is heavy. Any...
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    No pooping??

    I changed my lil guys cage this am..........he hasnt pooped yet i am giving him dandelion greens in small amounts and giving his pellets and hay as normal....what could be the problem??? Oh he is drinking water
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    Binkies is a video of thumpers binkies.....does anyone know how to get that wording off of the video???
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    Feeding a 3 mo old...

    When i got my bun i feed him pretty much 24/7 hewas very thin he now is filling out nicely my ? is how much pelletsshould he be getting now?? He is a mini lop and about 3 mo old.
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    Giving pumpkin...

    i have a 2 yr old bun i give pumpkin 2....and a 2 mo old mini lop with long hair when can i start giving him pumpkin?
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    Baby robins.........

    I have a nest in my tree ofrobins....i went out this am to find them on the ground dead....thenest somehow cracked and they all fell out they where only a weekold...the weather here in Chicago has been rainy and windy.....I seethe mother going into the nest i guess looking for her...
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    Ohhhhhh at 2 mo already??

    I have a 2 mo old mini lop and this am he gave me the biggest thump! And he was even out of his cage :( lol
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    Happy Mothers Day!

    Happy Mothers day! Even if you dont have kids we are still themothers of our pets! lol~:inlove:
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    Weepy eye???

    I have a mini lop he is about 7 weeks old nowhis oneeye its not running or draining but his fur his eye is this common in these rabbits ? I take a damptowel and wipe it....he did have a wet nose yesterday but that seems tobe gone he was also running around like mad yesterday...
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    Heres my new baby

    Im sorry if the pic is really big im trying to figure this out!!! Im still stuck for a name any ideas would be great!!!
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    I just got a 6 wk old mini lop............

    Whos mom passed by getting killed by a wildanimal....I have a ? i just got him last night he is drinking from awater bottle but i cant tell if he is eating (his bunnyfood)he is small but very active....he is pooping and atesome hay. Could it be he is just gttting use to his new surroundings?Im...
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    Help please.............

    I have a male rabbit and i never have cleanedhis anal glands...but lately i have been seeing red urine in hiscage...i know buns can have this...he eats dandolin leaves and spinichi cleaned his cage today and didnt put that much litter in his box theurine looked yellow should i be concerned with...
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    ? i have a "male" rex he will be 3 this march...they told me when i bought him he was a "male" my neighbor has a male rabbit and when you turn him over you can see two pink sacs i assume there his testies...when i hold cuddles up he dont have i wonder if he is really a she...
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    I lost my job....

    Well as of Friday im loosing my job please say aprayer that i find another one! I need $ to feed my bun and the kids ofcourse lol! Thanksall
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    Amish Timothy Hay??

    Anyone ever hear of this and is just like regular timothy hay?
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    o/t ticks on a dog

    My dog has a nasty raised scab by her ear...wewent camping a few weeks ago...what are the signs of a tick? the areais crusted over and black how do you remove a tick if it is in herskin? Any ideas would be great! Thanks
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    Paper in a wirless cage.....

    Is it ok to use news paper in a "wireless"bottom cage? My bun runs free all day but i wonder if he'd eat thepaper at night and if the ink wouldnt be good for him.......maybe abrown paper bag?:ponder:
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    I really need some help!

    Im having a real hard time with Cuddles chewinghis litterbox and not using it. He will pee in front of it and poopoutside of it, but not in there, and now that im back at work im notsure what to do, i cant really watch him. Any suggestions on adifferent kinda litter pan...or litterbox?I have...
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    Is there such a thing as....

    A mini lop?