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  1. nermal71

    Goodbye for now

    I will not be on the forums anymore. With Mopsy gone it is just too difficult. And life is just too messy right now. I am sorry to all in the card exchange that I did not send out my cards. With the death of my grandfather I just could not get much in the mood this year. I will...
  2. nermal71

    RIP Mopsy Bunny

    RIP Mopsy Bunny. 2004-2012. You will be missed baby.
  3. nermal71

    We have a date!!!!!

    As many of you know from FB my 18y/o son is soon to be a published author. Well we have a date Calibur The Monster will be released as of June 5, 2012. It is already showing up on Barnes and Nobles and will be listed on Amazon for pre-orders as of mid-May. It can also be ordered through Tate...
  4. nermal71

    Mopsy's siblings

    These are Mopsy's siblings...she tolerates them LOL
  5. nermal71

    Brother Country Supply

    If you have one near you check them out for supplies. We have had one near us for over a year and I never had a chance to go in. The other day I had time to kill so went in....after talking to one of their employees he found me a way to save $40 per month on dog food...and my dogs are now on a...
  6. nermal71

    Anyone else heat with wood?

    Just an odd question...was wondering if anyone else heats their home with wood? My husband I decided that instead of paying 200/month gas bills this winter we would install a woodstove and heat with mainly wood. So far it's working well. I keep our heat set to 60degrees (it hasn't kicked on yet...
  7. nermal71

    Need to find a good cat forum

    Posting this here and on RO FB page...I need a good cat forum...I registered on one that it won't let me post onto anything so that's not gonna do me any good. I have got to find a good cat food for Rogue that will be comparable to Science Diet C/D...I do not like science the past I...
  8. nermal71

    My beloved kitty Rogue

    Please all keep my Rogue in your thoughts and prayers. I came home from work this morning to find him laying in our utility room unable to move. He has been rushed to the vet and they told me he has a severe kidney/bladder infection and is completely blocked with crystalized urine. His kidneys...
  9. nermal71

    Why can't people take no for an answer?

    I drive a school bus for a local company. I LOVE my job. One of the drivers also works for the local school district. She called me 4 days before the end of the school year last year wanting me to work for the school. I turned her down saying that it wasn't worth it for 4 days left...and it...
  10. nermal71

    Watermelon lime spritzers

    I found this recipe and tried it....oh my gosh it is sooo yummy. 4 cups seedless watermelon 1 container frozen limeade 2 liters club soda lime slices In a blender puree the watermelon. Pour through a sieve to remove pulp and any small seeds that are in it. Mix the watermelon with the limeade...
  11. nermal71

    Who is that behind the name?

    And you all thought it was humans typing on the forums!!!!
  12. nermal71

    Homemade mayo and homemade ranch flavoring

    In an effort to get all the preservatives out of our diet I'm making the leap. Going to try and make homemade mayo and homemade ranch flavoring. I sure hope these turn out good, because I like them but unfortunately MSG abounds in the ranch and I can't have it. And reading the mayo ingredients...
  13. nermal71

    Anyone do smoothies?

    I'm on a lifestyle change and trying to lose weight as a part of it. My days are very very hectic so I am trying to do smoothies during lunch as I can take them with me if I have to go out. Today I had one with strawberries, banana, orange, vanilla whey powder, yogurt, fat free milk and...
  14. nermal71

    Love this bunny There is actually a longer version of this one with a squirrel in it too but I couldn't find that one.
  15. nermal71

    I can finally tell!!!!!!!!!!!

    This has been totally KILLING ME!!!! But as many of you know I have homeschooled all 3 of my sons for the past 6 years. I have watched my oldest go on to college. I have watched my middle son start the process to go into the Navy.....and now my youngest, my baby, my 17y/o son has given me...
  16. nermal71

    When robins attack.....

    Anyone know of a humane way to get rid of a robin? This bird is at my work and it is damaging all of our cars. Covering them in nasty dropping (which wash off) but also scratching into the paint and even the glazing on the hubby is furious right now. It looks like the front right...
  17. nermal71

    My new small business

    Hey all I'm trying to start up a small online business. The website is not up yet, but I do have a facebook page set up for it. Please check it out I'm selling the hats right now even without the website up. So just let me know what you all think of these tiny little hats...
  18. nermal71

    A good thing for all of us to remember

    A friend of mine sent me this and made me totally rethink alot of the aggravation I feel sometimes dealing with elderly members of my family. Just thought I would share this as we all probably think like this at one time or another; whether its about a family member, a friend, or just a stranger...
  19. nermal71

    So I'm thinking....

    The fact that sparks just show from underneath the microwave when there was absolutely NOTHING metallic in it might not be a good thing? LOL Guess its time for a new one.
  20. nermal71

    My grandpa

    Thank you to all of you who were praying for us and asking about my grandfather. He passed away today and is now with grandma and finally at peace and pain free.