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  1. Happy Hollands

    Bucks not willing to breed?

    This past weekend, I tried breeding two of my does with two different bucks. As they are all rare and beautiful colors, I was really excited for these pairings! However, the bucks we're not willing to breed which is something I've never seen before from studs! They weren't even willing to hump...
  2. Happy Hollands

    Color Question

    One of my current bunnies came to me as a VM blue / cream harlequin. Now I am doubting her coloring, as she appears to be torted. Below are pictures, I guess I'm just looking for a second opinion. The insides of her ears and the majority of her stomach are the same color as her back.
  3. Happy Hollands

    What color is this baby bunny?

    Fellow breeders, I need your help! Is the rabbit pictured below a lynx, cream, or other color? I am leaning towards lynx, based on the shading and genetics. The white spot in its head is a Vienna mark. Parents: Blue / Cream Harlequin + BEW (presumed chestnut) Siblings: BEW, Black, Opal VM...
  4. Happy Hollands

    Preventing Heat Stroke

    It's scorching here in Washington state, reaching temperatures of 110+ degrees Fahrenheit today. This is unheard of! Keeping the bunnies from overheating is obviously my biggest concern right now. I'd like to share some tips to prevent this: • Dip the ends of their ears into cold water. This...
  5. Happy Hollands

    Ticking on a Broken Patterned Rabbit?

    I'm fairly new to breeding broken patterns in Holland Lops. I thought this baby was a broken black from birth, but as he gets older (currently 10 weeks old), more and more white hairs are showing across his body - not just where the colors meet! My question is, is this normal with broken...
  6. Happy Hollands

    Bonding Resources

    I'm looking for some bonding-related website articles / videos to help educate people who buy pairs / trios from me, a breeder!
  7. Happy Hollands

    What is your favorite rabbit color?

    Please contribute to the survey to help me determine what I should breed next!
  8. Happy Hollands

    Tri-Color / Harlequin Variations

    I am hoping someone can help confirm which tricolor / harlequin variations these babies are! Below are my guesses, but open to correction :) Baby #1 - Cream (Fawn) / Blue Tri-Color Baby #2 - Cream (Fawn) / Lilac Tri-Color Baby #3 - Cream (Fawn) / Blue Harlequin Their litter as newborns...
  9. Happy Hollands

    Color Identification

    Is this baby Holland Lop a chinchilla variation? Currently (day 9): First born:
  10. Happy Hollands

    Fur Mites: Best Treatment

    It appears as though one of my adult bunnies has fur mites... I know this is easily treatable, and I have dealt with it before so know what to look for. However, it seems very very mild as there are no bald patches and just some dandruff-like flakes around the tail. I'm going to thoroughly clean...
  11. Happy Hollands

    Coat Coloring Question

    Black or Blue Tri-Color? At first I assumed it was black/cream pattern, but it looks different than typical tri's. Is it possible the bunny could be a blue coloring, or is the heavy pattern throwing me off? Here are some pictures, I would like to clarify this bunny is not mine, it is a friends...
  12. Happy Hollands

    Best Pairing?

    Okay so... I'm pretty sure I've already posted about this in the past, but I'm trying to figure out who I should pair my BEW doe with next! As of now, I have 4 options: • Orange Harlequin (Non VC) • Orange / Black Tri-Color (Non VC) • Frosty (Carries Heavy VM) • Cream (Non VC) My BEW carries...
  13. Happy Hollands

    Burdock Root

    Is this linked product safe for rabbits?
  14. Happy Hollands

    Bonding a Trio

    Looking for some insight on bonding a trio! One of my friends has recently purchased two sister Holland Lops from me in hopes of bonding them. They currently live together, and thankfully have shown no signs of aggression / dominance yet, mainly just grooming and laying down together. They were...
  15. Happy Hollands

    Bunny vs. Rabbit

    Recently somebody corrected me, stating that the size of the pet determines if it is a bunny or a rabbit. Is this true?? I've always used these terms interchangeably. Sorry if it seems like a really dumb question, I am just curious!
  16. Happy Hollands

    Vienna Marked Holland Lops

    Can anybody think of other uses for non-showable colored rabbits besides the ones listed below? • Pet / [Therapy] Companion • Breeding Thank you! I would also appreciate some clarification if Vienna Marked or Harlequin / non-showable colors can be used for 4-H.
  17. Happy Hollands

    What is your rabbit pellet preference?

    Hi all! I'm curious to know what brand of pellets you all feed your buns (if any). Interested in why you think the pellet brand you use is the best :) Feel free to post pricing, links, or other details as well...
  18. Happy Hollands

    Sherwood Rabbit Pellets

    Does anybody know of the best place to buy Sherwood Adult Rabbit Pellets??
  19. Happy Hollands

    Bald Spot??

    One of my bunnies has developed some sort of bald spot / hair thinning on her back. Thankfully, it does not appear to be infected, and after thoroughly examining it it is not red and there is no bump, rash, etc. It is not sensitive. Am I being an overly paranoid bun mom? Or what could this be...
  20. Happy Hollands

    What are pedigrees needed for (besides breeding)?

    Recently I've had quite a few people interested in buying baby bunnies from me and requesting a pedigree. They claim it is not for breeding - The common excuse is that it is for "interest" or 4-H / show. Keep in mind that my rabbits are Vienna marked and many are Harlequin variations...