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  1. Happy Hollands

    What kind of coat does my rabbit have?

    He appears to be a Lion Lop (a mix between a lion head and Holland Lop). The multicolored one has a coat coloring known to be "Japanese harlequin" (orange/black). The brown one has a coat coloring known to be "black torted otter" (simplified as "fox"). Hope this helps, and happy holidays!
  2. Happy Hollands

    Bunny sexing

    Definitely a female!
  3. Happy Hollands

    Bucks not willing to breed?

    I know! Very frustrating and I ended up trying another more eager buck. They both are on the shy side, but very snuggly and sweet! Also my does are very friendly so I thought that would help but it didn't...
  4. Happy Hollands

    Flooring Recommendations?

    The best option for you is to get a Ruggable. These are basically highly durable, large, washable rugs! They are great for bunnies as they are hard to chew, and you can find them used for quite a good price. Here is a similar, more affordable rug. My other suggestions include vinyl, tile...
  5. Happy Hollands

    What is Frosted Cream Harlequin?

    In order, it appears you have a blue tort, black / orange harlequin, and blue tort VM. So cute!! Personal sidenote: I know this breeder you are referring to quite well. So well, in fact, that "Little Imperial Prince" (the harlequin buck pictured) sired one of my favorite litters a while back...
  6. Happy Hollands

    Silver Marten vs Black Otter

    Black otter. This is based off the orange coloring on the nape of the neck. If it was a black silver martin instead, there would be no tan shading, just a mix of black, white, and silver shades 😊
  7. Happy Hollands

    Rabbit Breed Help

    He could be a Holland Lop whose ears never flopped. This happens more often than you would think, and can confuse new owners! However, if he's within 2.5 - 4.5 lbs., it's likely. For interest, his coloring looks to be "smutty orange".
  8. Happy Hollands

    Litter possible colours?

    Your doe is a white-eared (WE) black coloring. She clearly carries the Vienna Gene, as she has produced a blue-eyed white (BEW) in the past. So fun! Your buck appears to be a broken chestnut agouti coloring. A wide variety of colors can be expected, but without seeing pedigrees I can only tell...
  9. Happy Hollands

    What colour is my bunny?

    It could be a sable magpie if they are any magpie markings on its back, like its mother. If not, the coloring appears to be sable point. Looks a bit too dark to be a frosty, but you never know!
  10. Happy Hollands

    Bucks not willing to breed?

    This past weekend, I tried breeding two of my does with two different bucks. As they are all rare and beautiful colors, I was really excited for these pairings! However, the bucks we're not willing to breed which is something I've never seen before from studs! They weren't even willing to hump...
  11. Happy Hollands

    Color Question

    I know, right? I guess I can wait until breeding to confirm. Until then, is it safe to assume she is a torted VM blue/cream harlequin? Based off of the stomach and inside ear coloring.
  12. Happy Hollands

    Color Question

    One of my current bunnies came to me as a VM blue / cream harlequin. Now I am doubting her coloring, as she appears to be torted. Below are pictures, I guess I'm just looking for a second opinion. The insides of her ears and the majority of her stomach are the same color as her back.
  13. Happy Hollands

    What color is this baby bunny?

    Chinchilla and orange it is (babies on the middle & right side) 😍 Both are Vienna marked.
  14. Happy Hollands

    Can flopped earred rabbits have broken ear cartilage?

    I've seen that before, but never experienced it personally. I believe it is some type of deficiency - possibly calcium?? Sorry I do not have more information to share.
  15. Happy Hollands

    What color is this baby bunny?

    Thanks. Here are more baby pictures that might help solve this mystery:
  16. Happy Hollands

    11 kits advice please

    It sounds like you're doing everything right... assisted feedings, monitoring, and a fostering plan. The babies are smaller than usual, but that's expected with a large litter.
  17. Happy Hollands

    What color is this baby bunny?

    So interesting! I was starting to realize it was a rarer color, as I found very little information through research. This baby was born a light color (I thought it was a BEW at first), then got darker with age. I'm settled that it's an orange VM! Its sibling on the other hand... I assumed it...
  18. Happy Hollands

    What color is this baby bunny?

    Thank you. It's definitely not like any creams I've had before, any chance it could be a lynx? If not, my best guess is orange.
  19. Happy Hollands

    What color is this baby bunny?

    It could be a smutty orange, it has a white belly.