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  1. finnibuns

    Bonding a neutered and unfixed bunny?

    Hello everyone!! Next year I'm looking to show fuzzy lops for FFA. I have a neutered buck Holland already, who lives in a fairly large pen. I'm looking to keep my pet and show rabbit together next year, but whether I get a buck or doe, they cannot be fixed for showing. I'm not looking to sell...
  2. finnibuns

    Grooming problems with bun

    Hi! I have a Holland lop named Finny. He's just the sweetest, most loving animal I've ever met. I got him as a baby in May, and I kid you not, we have not left each other's side since I got him. We're very close. He's turning 1 on the first of March. (My how time flies). Recently, I've noticed...
  3. finnibuns

    Bunny Eating Waffle

    I was sitting with my bun earlier, and I had a toaster waffle with me. I was focused on my online work and wasn't really paying attention to what he was doing. I looked down to see him only to find that he was nibbling on the waffle. I don't know how much he ate of it, but there definitely were...
  4. finnibuns

    Bunny Marking Territory After Neuter

    My bunny has been neutered since late June. He's currently 6 months. He does fine with going pee in his litter box, but I am a little concerned about his pooping habits. He goes in his litter box a lot, but even though he's neutered, he still is marking his pen all over. This is a problem...