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  1. m4ddi3b


    I currently have 3 rabbits living together, one male who was neutered 29th july. A mother rabbit and daughter ( had her sexed and was told this, she is around 5 months old now ). I went to clean out today and found 4 babies, presuming they are from the mother rabbit.( This means breeding would...
  2. m4ddi3b

    rabbit not pooing

    I had my rabbit neutered today and he’s been gone about 7 hours now. He is eating loads and drinking fine but hasn’t popped yet. He isn’t show signs of any discomfort though so should i be worried?
  3. m4ddi3b

    Weaning baby rabbits?

    So i went to my local vets and they said when the baby bunnies are 8 weeks I can take them to get sexed. Should i wean this before them or will they be alright going for a quick trip out? I plan on keeping a girl with the doe and possibly 2 same gender siblings together (most likely only if...
  4. m4ddi3b

    Keeping Bunnies Cool In Summer?

    Hello everyone :) I was just wondering what tricks and tips people use for keeping rabbits cool, especially now the weather is getting warmer! The only one i have is a frozen water bottle for them to lay against😂
  5. m4ddi3b

    Pregnancy Help Please!!

    Hi i was wondering if i could have some help with my bunnies :) Recently I got a new doe who is netherland dwarf around 6months to a year old. I also have a buck who is 2 ( either a lion lop or mini lop). Because neither are neutered or spayed I keep them apart at all times. I planned to get my...