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  1. BlueGiants

    Any Breed Guesses? (split from earlier thread)

    That's what happens when you cross a VM (Dutch) with another breed. The markings can become incomplete. (Hmmm... if she is full grown, 7 lbs. isn't really a "dwarf", but hopefully she isn't part Flemish Giant!) She is still beautiful!!!
  2. BlueGiants

    Any Breed Guesses? (split from earlier thread)

    Do you have a weight on her? I agree, she is a VM (Vienna Marked) chestnut, and that usually comes from the Dutch breed. As to what she could be crossed with would only be a wild guess. But she is very pretty and certainly looks like she settled in well at your home! :sunshine:
  3. BlueGiants

    My 7 FG Kits

    Light Gray Flemish Giant babies can have a "yellowish" cast to the fur as babies. It is usually shed out as they mature. But if they retain it after 6 months, I would be concerned, if you intended to show them. Light Gray and Sandy's in the same litter is not an ideal mix for the best show colors.
  4. BlueGiants

    Looking for Flemish giant rabbit for sale

    There is a Breeders Directory on the National Federation of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders website (, organized by Region and State. You might be able to find someone on there that is close to you...
  5. BlueGiants

    A Breeding Thought Experiment

    I'll preface by saying this may be upsetting to read but.... the "Flemish Rex" was developed strictly as a fur rabbit. (The idea being larger pelts meant they could use less rabbits, less seams in a garment.) They were not developed for show. (The National Flemish Club never backed a COD.)...
  6. BlueGiants

    Barbi Brown

    You can repost your question in the Nutrition and Behavior section. From the RO Home page, select Nutrition and Behavior, at the top left section of the page, below the header, is a tab that says "NEW THREAD". Click on that. Give it a title that will give people an idea of what you are...
  7. BlueGiants

    Concern for Baby Rabbits that Mother is not feeding

    Put the mother on top of the babies and hold her there for 4-5 minutes. If the babies don't react, start nuzzling and looking for teats, they are not going to make it. If the babies are at least trying to nurse, let them... and put her on them 3 times a day. That is more often than she would...
  8. BlueGiants

    Why should I care about my rabbits genetic history or conformation when breeding?

    That was great Julie! We all seem to appreciate different breeds with different traits... really big rabbits, really small rabbits... long haired rabbits, short haired rabbits, up ears/floppy ears, calm or active, etc. Over hundreds of years, we have definitely manipulated the genetics within...
  9. BlueGiants

    I am going to be a director!

    What a great opportunity! Congratulations! Let us know when the votes are in!
  10. BlueGiants

    A question about ear tattoos.

    I use a Tattoo Pen and have for years. Yes, how good the tattoo comes out depends a lot on the persons ability with the pen, but I recommend practicing on a banana before you do a rabbit. I wrap the rabbits ear around an ice cube (on the outside of the ear) and hold it there for 30 seconds to...
  11. BlueGiants


    Chinchilla can be a color in several different breeds, but it also the name of 3 specific Breeds. (Giant Chinchilla, American Chinchilla and Standard Chinchilla). (Edited to add: As accepted by the ARBA in the USA.)
  12. BlueGiants

    can rabbits sense emotions?

    I definitely think my rabbits can sense my emotions. If I come home from work and go out to the barn upset or uptight, the rabbits are all on alert, watching me, trying to figure out what the "threat" is. If I walk out there in a good mood, they usually won't even get up for me... (Well, until...
  13. BlueGiants

    can anyone tell me what kind of bunny i have?

    That color looks more Palomino, possibly mixed with a smaller breed, to me. (He doesn't have the Rex fur and his shoulders are too long). But SO very cute!
  14. BlueGiants

    After a male is fixed, when is the safe time zone, to NOT get a female pregnant?

    8 weeks is the safest length of time to wait after neutering. I do know a Doe that got pregnant 7 weeks after a neutered buck was put with her.
  15. BlueGiants

    Rabbit Fertilizer

    Oh my! Worms LOVE rabbit poop. Many people that raise rabbits use worms to break down the waste material. And we all know how wonderful worm "casings" are in a garden! If you're going to raise "red wrigglers", the worm most people use, you will have to make sure you have enough manure to...
  16. BlueGiants

    Rabbit Fertilizer

    I got over 45 lbs of peached off my little "dwarf" peach tree last August. That made a lot of peach pies and Peach jam! All fertilized with Rabbit poop... and my Fig tree loves it too. I don't compost it at all... it goes directly around the trees, bushes and plants. I do rototill it into...
  17. BlueGiants

    Is anyone headed to the PASRBA show in Lebanon, PA this weekend?

    I meant that I didn't see them show any blues... (I think they do have some.) Yes, the boy I got is fully pedigreed. I don't blame them for passing on the one without a pedigree... especially if they are working on their breeding program. (Was it really unpedigreed, or did the breeder refuse...
  18. BlueGiants

    Is anyone headed to the PASRBA show in Lebanon, PA this weekend?

    Yes, they did do VERY well at the show! But they don't have Blues (yet!). I got the nice lil Blue boy from SMAY67.
  19. BlueGiants

    Is anyone headed to the PASRBA show in Lebanon, PA this weekend?

    smay67 wrote: I got a really GORGEOUS Blue Flemish buck from a really good breeder at the show. SO excited to have him. LOL! I LOVE going to that show!
  20. BlueGiants

    Black Flemish show bunny

    In Flemish, Blue is VERY recessive to every other color... if you definitely want to get blues out of your doe, you would have to breed to a Blue Buck. (And then you'll probably get 50% black-50% Blue) If you breed to a BBack, youshould makesure that Buck is out of Blues also. On average, my...